"I haven't seen my friends in awhile, they left me on the curb to go to another bar."

This run was a little earlier in the night than the last story I wrote.

I was rounding the corner behind the most popular bars in town when I get flagged by the security dude at 'VooDoo'. I pull over and he tells me to hang out for a second. I wait. He comes back basically dragging this young man and pours him into the backseat of my cab.

Me: Aw come on, man, I don't drag folks into houses. I'll call another cab w/a big, strapping man driver to take care of this guy.

Dude: He was just awake. Shakes kid. Hey! You all right man? You gonna do right by this lady here, she take you home?

Kid: Ummmm. Yeah. I'm fine. Really. Just take me home.

Security dude looks at me, I just shrug and nod my head.

Me: Hey there. Kinda early to be going home already, isn't it?

He: Yeah. Probably. What time is it?

Me: 9p.

He: Wow. I started drinking at about 2p today. It's my birthday. My friends kept buying me shots.

Me: Huh. Well, happy birthday. Didja have a good time?

He: I think so. We decided to come downtown about 7p. I haven't seen my friends for awhile now. They left me on the curb a little while ago and decided to go to another bar.

Me: You consider these good friends?

He: You know.

Me: Yeah. So, how ya feeling?

He: Pretty shitty.

Me: You gonna yak?

He: Probably.

Me: Don't do it in my cab. Just let me know and I'll pull over. Really. Any time. All right?

He: K.

He lived about 6 miles away. We had to stop 13 times for him to yack out the door. (3 times on one bridge.) The last time was right in front of the cop shop on NE MLK Blvd. There was a cop standing there, laughing so hard he almost fell over. He called a couple of his friends over, they were laughing. I was just sitting there, watching this kid hang out the door. (By this point he pretty much had nothing left in him, just the heaves.)


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