Everytime someone famous moves to Portland ...

... they make a big stink about it in the papers.

So we got another celebrity (for now, nameless) that has moved here to help out our floundering economy. Which would be great if:

when he took a cab here a month ago and had the driver tool him around all day long trying to find someone that could cash a check but couldn't, and of course, being a big Hollywood star, has no cash

then not only couldn't pay that driver, but when the driver got in trouble for going over in lease time he went into the cab company the next day to explain all this in hopes of not getting driver in trouble and possibly stopping any police action that might occur

then it only took him another 2 days to pay that driver, through the company.

Welcome to Oregon, Hollywood.

And just so ya know, it's none of the "Leverage" folk that are hanging about town while filming. Thankfully. Think I'd have a crying fit t'were it Christian Kane. :)