Heard in my cab ...

Picked up 2 gents on their way home after a dinner meeting going up to the West Hills off Broadway Drive.

Gent1: Turn left here. Oh hey, check it out, see the guy standing there in the front yard?

Me: Yup. Wait ... is that ... ?

Gent1: Yup. Cool huh? He's my neighbor. waves at dude

Gent2: Who is that?

Me: That's Art Alexakis. He's the lead singer of Everclear. You ever talk to him?

Gent1: Oh yeah. He's pretty cool.

Heard in my cab ...

2 young asian ladies I picked up at a bar on their way home:

I don't like asian boys. I'm a Twinkie. White on the inside, yellow on the outside.

"So ... ya married?"

I had to pick up a 30-ish looking fella from St Vincent's on account and take him to Hillsboro at about 1:30a a few nights ago. I walked into the hosp and yelled out his name, he walked with me out to the car and said "Go out to TV Hwy and I'll tell you where to turn."

Okee dokee. We take off. I look over and dude's staring at me. Not your average "how's
a girl end up cab driving" kinda look, but more of the "I'm gonna get you out in the middle of nowhere, skin you and live inside your body for a month" kinda look.

Me: So. How's your night? Other than the hospital visit that is? grin

He just stares at me.

Me: You doing all right over there?

He just stares at me.

I'm starting to get a bit creeped out but I think I could take him so I'm not overly concerned for my welfare. He's just a weirdo, probably not a serial killer in training type o' guy.

So I just shut up, turn up the music and let him stare at me the whole 20 odd minutes out there. We finally get to where he has to give me directions.

He: Turn right at the next light.

Me: Okee dokee.

He: Looking quite intently at my *ahem* chest. So. Ya married?

Me: Um ... Nope.

He: just looks at me for a bit again then Ya got a boyfriend?

Me: Um ... Sure.

He: Can I be your boyfriend too?

Me: Oh, I'm sorry, where I live we're only allowed one boyfriend per county. You know how it is on the eastside.

He: after a few seconds But if you could have another boyfriend would it be me?

Me: Um, sure. Of course it would. I'll let you know when the county changes the laws. K?

He: smiles Cool. I got a girlfriend.

Then he stopped talking again and pointed to his house. I was happy to get him outta there.


Nothing spectacular.

I'm in the process of changing cab companies so it might be a bit before I write another. Or at least until I get around to writing another old one.

Happy January all!


Interesting ...

I did a Yahoo search on "fare city" just to see where I rate on the list compared to Bud. I don't. :o) I am ranked down at 87 whereas Bud has about 50 of the listings before me. BUT ... I did find a book written by an English cab driver titled ... drum roll .... "My Fare City". heh.

And he's ragging on ME. Better get on that one Bud.


Snow's a comin'

If you lay your right ear on your desk (preferably still attached to your head, I don't want any MORE potential lawsuits here people) this is what the snow clouds rolling in today looked like at 4p. Pardon the blurry cell phone pic.


Guess who's back?!

My new friend Bud from "My Fare City". He's politely asking me to change my title again. You can check it out here http://heardinmycab.blogspot.com/2006/10/dont-air-our-business-in-front-of-cab.html

Bud, I already addressed the title changing, and the comments for that matter, earlier. So are you sticking by the fact that you do actually own these 2 words we share? Would all in your world really be better if I were to change the title of my blog? I'm feeling pretty powerful right now. :o)

Thank you Bud, for the "good content" comment.

Happy New Year!


New Years Eve was ...

... incredibly uneventful. Highly lucrative, but uneventful.

The only highlight in between all the many over-privileged youth that are usually above taking a cab (but thankfully weren't drinking and driving and when drunk do not care how much they tip)
is about 3:45a I was taking a lady home, out in the 'burbs and we get stopped at a light @ 122nd & Burnside. Not in one of the worst neighborhoods, but an oft travelled thoroughfare. Just as the light changed to green in front of me a group of hoodlums (hoodlums = 6 kids, all less than 14 y.o. out at 3:45a) they decided to walk against the light, in front of me.

They hit the cross walk just about 10 sec. before me, so of COURSE I had to stop. 5 of them kept walking, but laughing at me as I gave them the p.c./underage sign language for "just get the f outta my way" but the last little fucker he decides he's gonna be real cool and hit my car with his hand. I once again give a p.c. handsign for "yeah, you little fucker, you think you're cute but if I didn't have this lady in my car I'd probably run your little ass down".

I'm thinking he misinterpreted the smile I gave with that p.c. handsign because he then decided he was going to jump on the hood of my car.

"Hm." Thinks I.

He backs up about 15 feet to get a good run (straight in front of me) and while all his friends are hootin' 'n hollerin' for him to go ahead and jump on my fuckin' car (they apparently didn't feel as p.c. as I) he runs at me, with some very impressive speed I might add, takes a flying leap and in MID-AIR mind you turns to land on the hood of my car butt cheeks first.

Amazed and awed by his sheer Jordan-esque flight, I still managed to put the car in reverse and back up about 15 ft.

He missed. My car, at least. Did manage to make contact with the ground though.

And as I was driving off in the lane next to where he was laying rubbing his ass and CRYING I rolled down the window and mentioned that he might wanna make sure next time the vehicle is stationary before he tried that again. And wished him a lovely New Year.

Only 3.45 hrs into the New Year and already blew one of my resolutions to be a gooder human being. Damn it.

I wish everyone a glorious 2007.