Inasmuch as my fares aren't all that amusing to me any longer ...

Occasionally I still have some sort of smart ass remark to make.

Got sent to the Greek Village to pick up 2 girls and a guy. They were walking to the cab arguing about boobs when I got out and opened the back drivers door to help them in the cab.

Me: Hey there. Ya'll need to get in on this side.

The girls hopped in but the guy walked around to the other side, which was locked.

Girl1: Isn't that just like a guy? Doesn't listen at all.

Me: Yeah. I was thinking about putting a big ol' neon arrow with a sign that says "This is my clit" just to see if they would be able to find that side of the car at all.

The girls were rolling on the floor laughing by the time the guy got around to the driver side. He looked me up and down then:

He: Hey. Wanna make out?

Me: Wow. That's quite an offer there Junior but you obviously can't follow direction what in the world would make me think you would be any good at making out??

The ride only got more interesting from there.

Note: Yes, I'm still here. Just working though, not much else. Things have changed w/the economy and people are much angrier and as I've said before, they aren't amusing me as much as they used to. I'll see what I can come up with though.