"Doll, you're way too cute to need me at the end of the night."

I picked up these two good lookin' fellas from the Marriott at the Waterfront, they were going to this new bar called "Solo".

Me: You wanna go to WHAT bar?

They: Solo.

Me: Well, that doesn't sound like a very promising way to end your night.

Hot Guy #1: Darlin', you don't need to worry none about that.

Me: I imagine. So, that an Irish accent you got goin' on there Cutey? :o)

HG1: Naw. That's pure West Virginia darlin'. You like it?

Me: Words alone cannot convey how much I enjoy a sexy West Virginian accent callin' me 'darlin'.

HG2: Well hell darlin', I'm from Montana and I probably WILL end up going solo tonight, what time you get off?

Me: Mmmmmmmmm ... Just not the same, West Virginia and Montana. But thanks for the offer.

We get to the bar, about an 8 minute drive.

HG2: Well darlin' you have yourself a good night.

He gets out.

West Virginia is still sitting in the back seat digging out his wallet.

HG1: Well darlin', How about I give you my cell phone number. If you get bored at the end of the night you can give me a call.

Me: Doll, you're WAY too cute to need me at the end of the night. I tell ya though, I'd be happy if I could just have you sit in the dark and read "Green Eggs and Ham" to me.

HG1 walks around to the driver side window and says "You got some spunk girl, I like that. You take care now. Here's my card, just in case." and he kissed my hand. :o)~


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Susan said...

Can we swap jobs? Just for a day?