"... But we call him Malibu Ken"

I picked up these 2 young men that called me directly to take them downtown from Gresham (about a 1/2 hr drive) at 10:30p on a Friday. The young man that called me has ridden w/me before, the other hasn't.

We're driving along, trading laughs when the young man up front (Ryan) re-introduces himself. The young man in the back says his name is Caleb.

After I tell Caleb "Hi" Ryan says "But we like to call him Malibu Ken. He likes that."

Me: "Oh Caleb, I'm SO sorry!"

They both look at me blankly for a few seconds and Ryan says "But why say you're sorry? Look at him, he's a pretty boy, he's tan, he surfs and all the pretty girls want him."

I look at Ryan and with a straight face say "Oh WOW! I'm sorry. I thought you called him that because his man parts are missing like all the Ken dolls."

They cracked up. After we got downtown and were almost to the Dixie the friends they were meeting drove by us. I dropped off Ryan and Caleb at the Dixie and drove around the block, their friends were blocking traffic while backing into a parking spot. The passenger walked around and saw me, smiled and walked up to the passenger side of the car, said "Hi there."

Me: Hey, I just dropped off your friends Ryan and Caleb at the Dixie. They were betting on which bar you guys would go to.

He: No kidding? How much?

Me: Twenty bucks.

He: Which one did Ryan say we'd go to?

Me: Ryan said McFadden's. Caleb said Dixie.

He: Cool. I say we run to Dixie and see if we can't get part of that bet out of Ryan.

Me: When you see them, make sure to ask Caleb why it was I thought you guys called him 'Malibu Ken'.

He: Oh gawd, they TOLD you that?!! What'd you say?

Me: Ask Ryan, I'm sure Caleb won't tell you. Bye guys!


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