Ya know how you have the perfect response if some wild situation EVER comes up ... ?

Well, it happened!!

Sitting in the office one night, twiddling my thumbs (playing Pinball on the 'puter as we don't have 'net access) when I get a call.

Me: Trixie Cab, this is Trixie.

He: Hey Trixie, this is Habib. (NOT his real name)

Me: Hey Habib. What's shakin'?

He: I'm locked in my car.

Me: Yeah, right. What's really going on?

He: No. I'm serious. I'm locked in my car.

Me: thinking this guy has never really joked with me before so he might be serious Um, your cab?

He: No personal car.

Me: ... Seriously?

He: I'm not kidding you.

Me: Dude ... you're locked IN your car??

He: As silly as that sounds, yes.

Me: Well hell. Is the top down?? this is the one I've had stored up for years, I'm sure you've all heard various blonde jokes about this situation.

He: Um ... what?

Me: Sorry, American humor, you wouldn't get it. So, where you at?

He: In the parking lot.

Me: What kinda car you got? he told me And what is it you're expecting me to do? I'm guessing your keys are in there with you, yes?

He: Yeah.

Me: Can you roll the windows down? I couldn't help it ... this was some funny shit!!

He: Come on now Trixie, I have no power to my car. The doors are locked, no windows, etc. Can you come out here, please?

Me: Sure, but what do you want me to do ... break a window?

He: NO! I have a set of spare keys in the cab, it's still running in front of where I'm parked. Just come get them and let me out.

Me: Hunh. All right. Be right there.

As I was walking out there he came running up, apparently the back door was unlocked so he crawled through the seats to get out.

This amused the bejesus outta me.