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... said by me.

I had to take my cab in for repairs not too long ago. The car was wobblin' about a bit and I don't like driving when something is wrong.

I take it to this shop recommended by another driver (my usual guy is outta town for a few weeks).

When I walk in and tell him what the problem is and what I think could be causing it I get that typical 'this is a girl what does she know about cars' look that just irritates the hell outta me.

This guy actually said to me "Now what's a pretty little thing like you know about drive shafts?" And smiled in that ingratiating way.

Me (with a very innocent look on my face) "Isn't that the short little doohickey right next to the turn signal fluid reservoir?" and smiled very sweetly.

It actually took him a few seconds to figure out I was kidding.


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Rae Rae said...

had that happen to me too. now i know its not just me that gets ignored when im right about cars. love your blog!