"I'm sorry, but we've changed our minds"

About 3a I get 'flagged' by a young man and two women. He gets in the middle, they on either side.

He: Can you take us to West Linn?

Me: Certainly.

Within 5 seconds the 2 girls start yelling and cussing at each other. The one girl doesn't want to leave her car downtown, she's afraid it will get towed, broken into, etc. The other is trying - by sheer force of volume - to convince her they're all too drunk to drive. The guy is sitting in the middle with his head back on the seat with his eyes closed.

Sounds like this is going to be a long ride.

We get stuck at a light. Loud Girl #1 finally gets LG2 crying.

He: Can you pull over a second, we need to talk. Leave the meter running, it's all right.

about 1 minute later:

He: Look, I'm sorry, but we've changed our minds. It's what ... $4.50 on the meter? Here, take this. Keep the change. I'm really sorry.

They get out and walk back the way we came, the light changes and I drive on thinking how much I would have liked that $45.00 trip and hoping he gave me more than just the .50 left over from the $4.50. I turn on my inside light to see what he had given me and un-wad a $100.00 bill.

Breakfast was on him that morning.



Susan said...

Nice tip!

Sharon said...

that was sweet!

Manic Witch said...

Do these people realize that they've given you that much? Or do they just hand you some money and not notice that they gave you one helluva tip?
I'm hoping that guy really did mean to give you that for all the bullshit. Nice tip. :)