"I'm a MAN, I can handle it."

Picked up this young couple downtown, they lived about 15 mins. outta town. About 2 minutes into the ride the young man tells me it's his 21st birthday.

Me: Happy Birthday! Didja have a good time.

He: Oh yeah. It was fun. I'm pretty drunk.

She: You didn't have that much to drink tonight.

He: Yeah. But I'm all right.

Me: Well, happy birthday anyway.

We're toolin' along, chatting, and the further we drive the further he's leaning towards the middle of the back seat.

Me: Hey, Eric? You all right?

He: Yessh.

Me: Well, hey, if you get the urge to yak, let me know.

He: Hmmmm.

Me: Really, Eric? Man, if you yak in my cab I'm gonna charge you $50. above and beyond the fare. Are you SURE you're all right?

He: I'm a MAN. I can handle it.

Me: Ah. Ok then. Now that we have THAT settled... but I'm not kidding. This is a no yak zone.

He: It's all right. I'm tellin' you.

Me: All rightee then.

I get them home, almost 20 minute ride. I pull away, go to the end of the street and turn around, as I am driving back the poor kid is yakking all over the neighbors' bush.


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