"I bet you won't give me a ride because I'm black, huh?"

I have about 45 mins. to kill before I have to go pick up a 'regular' at about 4:30a to take to the airport. I sit at the Hilton downtown and play some Nintendo, not accepting any calls. A young man staggers up to me and tries to get in my backseat.

Me: Hey there. Sorry, I have to go pick someone up. I can call another cab for you though.

He: Hey. Why's the door locked?

Me: I always have my doors locked. Sorry. Would you like me to call you another cab?

He: Yeah. Sure. I need to go to Hillsboro.

Me: Well, where abouts in Hillsboro? The person I have to pick up is in that area.

He: Ummmm. By the Max station.

Me: Ok. Which one?

He: I don't know. The one off Washington.

Me: Ah. Ok. Ya know that's gonna cost ya about $45. right?

He: Yeah. I just need to get home. The Max stopped running.

Me: Yeah, I get a lot of people this time of night that say that. That going to be cash or credit?

He: Ummmmm. Cash.

Me: All right. So, for me to take you that far out of town, this late at night, I need cash up front. That going to be a problem?

He: Nah. I got it. Let's just get going. I need to get home. Unlock the door.

Me: Ok. But for me to go anywhere I need some sort of deposit.

He: All RIGHT. Shit. Just let me ... checking his pockets ... Oh shit! Man. Ya know WHAT?

Me: What's that?

He: Shit. Man. When I was buying dope earlier I think I left my wallet at dudes house.

Me: Well, that could be a problem. So you don't have any money on you?

He: No. Shit. You take credit cards?

Me: Sure. Long as it's in your name, valid, and you have valid i.d.

He: Cool. I got it. Let's get going. Open the door.

Me: I tell ya what, why don't you give me your card now and I'll start running it now.

He: Ok. checking pockets again. Um. Well ... it's ...

Me: ... in your wallet right?

He: Yeah. Can you just take me to where my wallet is? It's just down the street.

Me: I tell ya what, if it's just down the street why don't you wander on down and get it. I'll wait right here, for 1/2 hour and when you come back, with some form of legal tender I'll give you a ride. K?

He: Ah hell. All right. But are you going to wait?

Me: I said I'll wait right here, for half an hour, that's it.

He: I've just had so many of you drivers say you're going to wait and then you don't. You guys always drive off as soon as I walk off. I bet you won't give me a ride because I'm black huh?! You're gonna get scared just like all the other fuckin' cab drivers out here.

Me: Are you KIDDING me? You're trying to get ME to give YOU a ride when you try to get into my FOR-HIRE CAB without any MONEY, and then you pull the race card and try and guilt me into it when I say no? Gimme a break here.

He: All right. All right. I'm just kidding. I just need a ride. I really did forget my wallet.

Me: Right. Well, I'll be here for another 25 minutes. If you come back here, WITH some legal form of payment, I'll give you a ride. That's the best I can do for ya.

He: All right. I'll be right back. You'll be here, right?

Me: With bells on.

I wasn't surprised that he didn't make it back on time. Are you?



Jenn said...

He just told you he was out buyin dope earlier... he probably figured - as I did - that you'd call the police as soon as he was out of sight and have them ready and waiting when he returned with his wallet.

A possibility - although I'm not sure I'd take it with a druggie - would be to tell hiim to get in and take him straight to the police, especially if you could call in on the way and have them meet you outside, etc.

Sizzle said...

i'm shocked!