"You all right down there?"

This last January I was still driving for Brand X and sitting at the train station 'round about 3a waiting on a very late train to arrive.

I was sitting in the car of this other driver while we were waiting and we both ended up getting runs out to Hillsboro. Mine went to dntn Hills and his went just one exit on the fwy closer to town than mine. We both cleared at about the same time so I called him and forced him to thank me for making him wait at the train, since he usually doesn't, but at that time o' the night it's not like folks can take the bus home.

So we're driving along, laughing and joking ...

He: All right ... all RIGHT. Yes, you were right. Ya happy now?!

Me: Heh heh. I TOLD you that ... at this ... oh SHIIIIIIIITTT!

I hit a patch of black ice on the on ramp to the freeway. Fortunately I was only going about 20 mph, but I still did a complete 180 and ended up in the ditch about 50 yds further down the ramp. I still had him on the phone and he's yelling at me since I completely shut up after that above. I finally stop sliding and just sit there for a bit and finally start talking to him again.

Me: Oh wow. Dude. I'm in a ditch. Holy shit! Black ice. NOT fun.

He: Are you all right?

Me: Umm, yeah. I spilled my fresh Mtn. Dew all over myself though. Think Gawd is trying to tell me something about my addiction?

He: Are you sure you're all right? I'm on my way as soon as I find a place to turn around.

Me: Ummm, Dave? You're gonna hafta call base for me, my radio is out. Car's dead. while I'm getting out of the car Oh wow ... this ditch is deeper than my car!! My eyes are about level with the road from here. Whoa.

He called disp on the radio, they called the Wash Cty Sheriff and a tow truck. Dave is on his way back to where I am, he's about 15 mins away, give or take.

Me: Hey, I'll see you in a bit, the Sheriff just pulled up. Hey there Officer. trying to act all calm while I'm standing in mud 1/2 way up my shins in a ditch and it's about 20 degrees out.

Ofcr: shining his flashlight on me and my car. Are you all right?

Me: Well, physically I believe I'm fine.

Ofcr: Did you call your dispatcher on your radio?

Me: Sort of.

Ofcr: So, someone is on the way?

Me: Yeah. But I'm a little cold down here in the muddy ditch and it's gonna take about 15 minutes for the closest person to get here.

Ofcr: Well, if you're all right and someone is on the way I'm gonna go. And he left.

Me: *

He LEFT ME THERE!! A woman, alone, at 4 am, by myself, stuck in an effing ditch. BASTARD!!!

Dave showed about 10 mins after that. I sat in his car and waited the 45 minutes for the tow truck. Tow Dude finally got the car outta the ditch and the poor thing was covered in mud and grasses. Looked really pathetic. Didn't really bust anything other than one light on the tail end though, but we couldn't get it started. So it got towed to Beaverton, I caught a ride back to base with Dave and that was that. I sent my X to the tow lot to check out the cab the next day and see about getting it towed to my shop guy to get it fixed. Turns out the Crown Vic has a safety switch that if the back end is hit the gas shuts off so the car dies and doesn't blow up. If I'da known that I could've driven it home the night before. Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

That is a pretty cool feature, all cars should have that.

whall said...

That is a pretty cool feature, all cops should act like that.

Sizzle said...

but did you call the cops to say that they have stupidass policemen leaving people in ditches at 4am? what a fucker.

june in florida said...

One of our Irish students driving for the summer got to spend the night in a millionaires house in Chatham Mass.Took the luggage out the trunk and slammed it shut, cab, crown vic, wouldn't start.Same problem.

Tragerstreit said...

To serve and completely ditch your ass when stranded at 4AM because hey, the light is on at the Krispy Kreme.


Anonymous said...

yea, cop... total ass muncher! WTF!!!! >.< I'm still fuming about it!