"Could you be looking for a Bennie?"

I got sent to a home just off 167th and Farmington fairly early last night. When I got to the address there was a group of very young boys (9 boys, about 11-13) , some on bikes, hanging out in the middle of the street.

Me: Hey fellas, any of you guys happen to be Benjamin?

They: Uhmmmmm ... and they're all just looking at me.

Me: I'm just asking because this is the address I'm supposed to be picking him up at.

One of the young guys says "Uhhhh, no." And then another one in the back says "Hey guys, MILF!!" And they all start doing the "Yeah! Milf!" to each other.

Me: Um, thanks fellas. I'm going to be going now. Good night.

And drive off laughing, fairly hard. Well, turns out I'm on a dead end. I get down there and call the # Benjamin left and leave a msg on his vmb, void the call and head out. I wave at the boys as I drive by. I make it about 50 yds past the boys when I hear someone yelling at me. I stop and it's one of the boys that has a bike, he pulls up next to me.

Boy: Hey, could you be looking for a Bennie? I know a Bennie Somethingorother but I don't think he'd be around this area.

Me: No, it's Benjamin and he isn't home. But thank you for telling me.

Boy: Sure. No problem. then yells out MILF!!! And goes screaming off down the road, back to his friends.

I'm still unsure whether to be insulted or flattered. :o)


Jenn L said...

Good gawd.... I'd hope that at that age they don't know what the acronym stands for. Unfortunately, they probably do. So let's just hope they're simply reveling in a new word without really knowing what it's about. {shudder}

BarnGoddess said...

little pervs....

Me said...

Jenn, they knew eXACTly what they were talking about and BG ... indeed. Little pervs.

Grax said...

Hell I would love to be called a MILF (if it wasn't for the fact that I am a man). It's a sign that you're sexually attractive and are still desired by men.

Saying that I most certainly would not like to be called a DILF. Or is it FILF....?