"We play for the Beavers"

I got sent to the Teardrop Lounge at 10th and NW Everett to pick up 3 fairly young, good looking fellas. I call the phone # left and get no answer so as I'm heading off they came walking out and got in the cab. They haven't decided where to go yet but decide on Aura.

Beav1: We could just walk there.

Beav2: Where is it?

Beav3: Is there pussy there?

Me: *snort* It's 5 blocks that way.

B2: Well, we sent for this nice lady so lets have her drive us there.

Me: OK.

We get stopped at the light on the corner of 10th, which happens to be a 1 way going the wrong way.

B3: Can't you just turn right here?

Me: Nope. It's a 1 way. Going the wrong way.

B2: You would if you were cool.

Me: Ah, but you wanna be in one piece for all the girls when you get there, right?

B1: Yeah, true.

Me: Although, chicks dig bandages. War wounds and all that ya know.

B3: Oh YEAH! Dudes, one night I got beaned by the ball on my helmet and it hit so hard it cut my cheek. I had chicks all over me for weeks. I told them I was a boxer.

Me: Oh my gawd, what do you guys do?

B1: We play for the Beavers.

Me: Ah. That explains it.

B2: Explains what?

Me: *snort* nothing.

B2: C'mon. Explains what?

Me: Explains your friend there.

B3: You mean me talking about pussy? I'm sorry about that.

Me: No, you aren't. But I understand. I've hauled quite a few of you fellas around and you all pretty much talk the same after being in Ptld for about 2 wks.

B3: You got so much good looking pu ... women here.

Me: That's what I've heard. That'll be 6 bucks fellas.

B1: hands me a $20 and leans his hands on my window. Can you just give me ... 15 back? We'll call it good.

Me: Aw honey, patting his hand, I know if it isn't RBI's, sac flies or ERA then it doesn't really matter, but sorry, no. I will however give you 14 back since that's the correct change from 20.

B1: Oh gawd, you're right. I'm sorry. Hey, just give me 10 back and we'll call it even. And can I have your number? I like you.


Sizzle said...

what a prize that guy is.


Tragerstreit said...

Nice to see these athletes are smashing the stereotypes. "HURR I MATH GOOD WAR R WIMIN?" *sigh*

Mel said...

Is it wrong of me to feel proud that I live in a city of "so much good looking pu...women"?
Who knows, I might be one of the good looking puwomen to whom he referred! I am puwoman, hear me roar!
Nah. Prolly not.
Good one today :)

jenny said...

wow, a -$1 tip. that's awesome! i think he's been beaned more than a few times...

Tracy Kaply said...

That's just awesome, dude.