Of all the asinine ... governmental ... GAH!

I don't know why this one bothers me so much, and I've put a solid 2 1/2 minutes of serious thought into it, but it does.

Get sent to pick up a lady out in Gresham going to Wilsonville. Account call so the instructions say "escort in and out, blind" Good 1/2 hr ride so we have plenty of time to talk. She's really nice and funny and very, very chatty. I'm fine with that, I can sit back and listen every once in awhile.

So she's back there rattling on about something and I've kind of tuned her out as she's talking about her Uncle being out of town on biz for an extended trip and he called her today to speak to her for almost 2 hrs trying to get her in the middle of why her Aunt (his wife) won't come down and visit with him. I perk up when I hear her mention that he says he won't be back in time to use her license to go shoot a deer.

Me: Wait ... did I hear that right? You have a hunting license? I must have mis-read the screen, it says you're blind.

She: Oh no, you got it right. I have a hunting license every year. Usually my uncle goes and shoots a deer for me every year but he's going to be out of town this year, as I was just saying.

Me: Ummm, I don't mean to be offensive, but the government issues hunting licenses to blind people?

She: Oh, don't worry, it's not offensive. Yeah, they started doing that in '98 I think. I love it. It's the best way to shoot a deer.

Me: I'm stuck on this one, one more question ... I can see w/the handicapped laws and whatnot how it would be considered discrimination to not issue a license to someone that is handicapped in some form, but ... I'm sorry ... you're blind. I'd like to hope that someone that was blind wouldn't be off shooting ANYthing before they started issuing the licenses and ... Ah hell. I just don't get it I guess.

She: You know, a lot of people seem to have a problem with this. They just don't understand.

And she's right, I just don't get it.


Jenn L said...

What I caught from this, though, is that it's the UNCLE who's actually doing the shooting. Which makes me wonder what he's got in his background that prevents him from getting his own license such that he's using his niece (your passenger) to make it legal. Cause so long as she's with him, unless they personally watch him with the gun, Fish n Game has no way of knowing that he's abusing the system.

And she's stuck trying to justify her having the license. I'm glad it wasn't me, I'd be seriously contemplating whether I should be reporting this one.

Paradise Driver said...

Wanna bet that she probably also has a DL with a "side mirror required" restriction on it. LOL!

Wavemancali said...

The uncle probably has his own license as well, I've actually read a lot on this topic.

Many people in rural areas hunt because the $50 license is well worth the 800lbs of meat that you get. 7 cents a pound goes a long way to feeding your family.

I don't think the blind person should be denied the opportunity of cheap meat just because they are blind.

Hunting isn't just about the sport for some people. When I go fishing, I eat everything I catch.

I really don't agree with the places where the blind person actually does the shooting. I've read up on that as well. The blind person is accompanied by a companion who stands behind them sighting with them and tells them when to pull the trigger. It's much like a 2 person sniper team where the spotter is relaying wind speed and exact distances so the sniper can concentrate totally on targeting. I think that split second where the shooter might see something that makes the shot dangerous too important to allow the practice.

Jessie said...

Its all fun and games till she mistakes a human for Bambi.

Iron Fist said...

Personally I think this is part of what makes this country so great: anyone is allowed to do anything, no matter how lacking in the prerequisites they are. Hell, our President doesn't even know how to read! Do you think any other country can say that? Hell no! Pussies.

Iron Fist said...

By the way, I think I had way too much sugar today. Just sayin'.

BarnGoddess said...

I agree w/ wavemancali. Disabled people should be able to harvest wild game.

But, I do not think blind people should be out running around the woods w/ a loaded gun either....

Me said...

Juuuuust for the record, she doesn't touch the gun, at all, and Unc does have a license as well. I'm all for disabilities/equal rights but this one still bothers me.

Catherine said...


"Yeah, they started doing that in '98 I think. I love it. It's the best way to shoot a deer."

It's the best way to shoot a deer.

I just...I mean ... that almost cartoonishly misspoken idea (what's the best way to shoot a deer? While in posession of a license? While Blind? While not being offended?) made me laugh out loud, but ... *slaps forehead* I mean ...

Fucking OMG, a license to AIM A LETHAL WEAPON to a person who cannot SEE.

*walks around in circle, shaking head*

adena said...

Well, Al Pacino DROVE when he was blind!!

But, that WAS a movie....

Tragerstreit said...

I ju..bu..iju..WHAT!?!

Cheap meat is a plus, sure, but if you can't aim the gun, and you're not doing the actual shooting, what is the point? Just seems like Uncle's bagging two animals for the price of one.

I don't understand, either.

Mad William said...

This is just sick. Politically correctness gone mad.

When this lady wants a job driving a bus? I guess as long as she has someone giving her directions or doing it for her that should be alright?

Things like this make me insane.

BTW, wavemancali, deer don't get anywhere close to 800lbs

Anonymous said...

It is probably a proxy license. Here in Alaska you can have someone fish or hunt a license for you if you are unable to due to disability, whether caused by old age or disease or whatever.