"Aw c'mon ... lemme have your phone number"

Was tooling out SE Stark a few nights ago and got stopped at a light next to a fairly young lad of about 22 or so in his little low-riding, hot-rod Acura. I wouldn't even have noticed except that he was revving his engine like "they" do. He keeps it up until I finally look over and he's staring at me. I just flash him a peace sign and go with the light. He paces me for a bit until we get stuck at the next light together.

He: Hey. HEY!!

Me: Hi there. Wassup?

He: Can I get your number?

Me: It's plastered all over the car, I can wait here while you write it down. *grin*

He: No, no no no. I want YOUR number. One to call you directly.

Me: Oddly enough, I get this often. Ah, sorry. I can't take personal calls. If you need a cab call the number on the side of the car.

He: I don't want a CAB, I want you. Lemme have your number.

Me: You can't have me. And no.

He: Aw, c'mon ... lemme have your phone number.

Me: Sorry. I'm workin' here.

He: How about you just suck my dick then, bitch?!

Me: As much fun as THAT sounds, I'm gonna pass.

And I took an immediate left in the middle of the road, he kept going straight.

About 2 minutes later a msg comes across my 'puter screen telling me that someone just called in and complained about my driving and "something that was said". WHAT??? Little ... punk ... sonofa ... Arghhh!! "you need to come in the ofc on Monday and speak to the supv"

So I did. And of course it doesn't matter what I said, I was still in the wrong because someone had to call and complain. Pssht. I've heard it said that we are "targets" because of the numbers on the car, but I never thought I would be one. Man, once we start getting in trouble for not sucking someone's dick the whole cab driving world is going to change. ;o)


Donna said...

That just makes me angry! What a creep.

Sizzle said...

what a lame ass! it's pretty pathetic that he'd call in when HE was the one in the wrong.

i had a guy say that same thing to me once. he happened to be one of my bosses and he happened to get fired the same day i reported him.

Dave2 said...

Well that aught to teach you a lesson!

About what, I have no idea.

lildb said...



I mean, I'm completely flummoxed. That's beyond asinine.

I'm so sorry this happened; not that it wasn't bound to you, if you're even a reasonably attractive female, doing a high-pro job like yours.

anyway. whatta fucko. argh.

lildb said...

um. not that being bound to you would necessarily be a bad thing; it's just not what I meant to write. it wasn't s'posed to include the bound.

maybe next time I'll sleep a whole night's worth before I start throwing comments around like dice. :)

lildb said...

GEEZ. not the BOUND, the YOU. it wasn't supposed to include the YOU.

shoot me now, please.

june in florida said...

When you go in to the meeting you could ask.(1) Is this a service they plan on offering? (2)Will the male drivers be required to perform this service? (3) Will there be an additional charge for this service and if so what will it be? Also would size and length of service be a factor in determining the charge and what would my percentage of the charge be? (4)Can i pass this by my lawyer?...Wtg love your blog.

mist1 said...

People complain about me not sucking dick all the time. I'm thinking about lowering my standards.