Oh my gawd what fun this was!! It was great to get to meet the people behind the blogs and watch their minds work. Even the drunken one's. :o)

Everyone meshed and just had a great time. No one made a comPLETE ass of themselves. There are photos running around the Blogosphere of the debauchery.

Jenny did an incredible job putting all this together for us. I didn't get to say goodbye to you Jen, but Thank You.

I got to meet one of my heroes ... Dave! I love his blog, and now I love him too! He is just like his blog makes him out to be: down to earth, easy to talk to and funny as hell. And to be loved more than Cinnamon Crest (which I'm hoping is only one step lower than chocolate pudding) makes my tummy all tingly. Write your book Dave.

Hilly: I SO wished we lived closer together. You are someone I would totally drive into hell in my cab to pull you outta. (after rockin' ole Lucifer down a bit first!)

I spoke with The Chad for a bit - he's not near as angry in person. He's fun in a quiet, devious sorta way.

I wish I coulda spent more time talkin' with Karl. But between getting locked outta his room in his boxers and then giving them to the screaming hoardes of drunken bachelorettes there just wasn't enough time.

All in all, an incredible experience. Rumor has it the next one is Toronto. I'm there.

I just have one more thing to say to everyone that talked to me about my stories: Thank You! I'm humbled to know that you actually like these meanderings of mine. I don't write them to be funny, just as it actually happens. I am so glad I got to meet you ALL!!


Gary LaPointe said...

Toronto! I love Toronto, I hope it's while it's warm!

Besides I can take the train and I LOVE the train.

Followed the link from Dave's blog (I Dave like's it it's got to be good!)...


The Chad said...

It was great to meet you as well. And the ride down to Voodoo Donuts, that was awesome. Thanks!

and the only reason I'm usually angry is becouse of the wonderful Oregon drivers..you understand :)

adena said...

It was great meeting you, too!

jenny said...

it was awesome to meet you and get to hang out in your fare city! and so incredibly generous of you to offer rides to so many of these wayward bloggers... :)

looking forward to continuing to read your tales! thanks so much for coming!

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome! I would love you to drive to hell to pick me up cause sistah, I may need it soon ;).

Seriously, you and I would be tighter than tight if I lived there.

Even though you want to steal my pudding status ;). (I am kidding, Cinnamon Crest is a high honor, I am guessing!)

Sizzle said...

it was great to meet you and i am flattered you thought i was snackie. ;)

communicatrix said...

Damn. I am honored to have met you, however briefly. And I think the main reason I came to TCPacNW was to find out about you and your blog. The Total Awesomeness.

kapgar said...

Wait, you were at TequilaCon, too?!? Oh, duh, of course you were... you flippin' live and work in Portland. Why wouldn't you be?

Karl said...

Aww, wish we'd talked more, too. Where the hell were my freaking priorities the other night? Constantly seeking another drink and looking for ways to lose my boxers, apparently.

sibyl! said...

I love your blog and it was nice to meet you in person, albeit short lived. And who knows many one night when I call a cab you'll roll up, I promise to tip well.

Safe travels.