St Patty's Day 02

I picked up these fairly young, incredibly loud group (2 boys, 1 girl) from just off downtown and was taking them to Club Exotica, a strip joint in the upper N of Ptld.

One of the young fellers in the back was cute and really quite funny popping off jokes about lots of everything that we were all laughing to. He came to the point where they were going to the strip joint to join some friends that were trying to get horny, then were gonna go back downtown and try and pick up some young drunk girls to get laid.

He: Not that my friend or I here need to worry about that. We're so damned charming anyway. But tonight I think we're just gonna hafta 'kick it up a notch'. Whatcha think driver.

Me: I think quoting Emeril is only gonna get ya laid by the over 50 crowd. Ya might wanna rethink your approach there hotshot.

After we got to Exotica only fun boy was left in the car as he was paying w/a credit card. While I was running it an older, incredibly angry black man pulled open the back door and got in.

He: Just take me home, bitch.

Me: Are you talking to me?

He: Yes. Just get me the fuck outta here. I got 3 thousand dollars cash on me. I just got kicked outta this motherfucker for 'being drunk' and I just wanna get the FUCK home. Now take my ass home, bitch.

Me: Nope. Sorry. I am on my way to pick up someone. I can't give you a ride. no WAY I was riding with this angry sumbitch in my car.

Fortunately he got out with out too much of a hassle. I handed fun boy his card and asked him to sign the slip when a woman opened the back door of the cab and started to sit down. She was pretty messed up. As in she probably just got beaten up. Her face had blood on it, her nose was swollen and lips were bleeding and swelling as well.

Fun boy asked her if she was all right. She wouldn't even make eye contact, just tried to get in the cab. Right then the angry black man came up and grabbed her by her hair and shook her.

He: I TOLD you bitch, you aren't going ANYwhere without me.

And he drug her outta the car by her hair. Right then one of the bouncers came up and asked me if I could give her a ride home.

Me: I'll give her a ride, but there's no way I'm letting that guy into my cab.

Bouncer: She really needs to get home.

Me: I understand that, and I don't have a problem with it, but there's no way I'm letting that bastard into my cab. At all.

The bouncer asked her if she wanted to go home with me. After some argument from the guy about how she wouldn't be going anywhere without him the bouncer tried to guilt me into giving them both a ride because "... I just wanna get him away from my club. He's making us look bad."

Me: And you don't care if you put this woman beating bastard into cab with his beaten woman and a female cab driver huh?

He: You deal with his type all the time. I'm sure you can handle yourself. I just want him outta here.

Me: Wow. Aren't you a compassionate fuck? Call the cops you want him outta here so bad. I'm not taking his ass anywhere.

And I didn't.


Donna said...

You go, girl!

apositivepessimist said...

shew I wouldn’t have neither. he’d already proved he can beat up on a woman.

nice fucking form from the bouncer but that’s what they do huh...try n keep the riff-raff and throw the garbage out...while forgetting human side.

so what about the lady?

Sizzle said...

you have the best stories. i can't believe some people!

The Chad said...

Wow. what an asshole. he deserved a good kneeing of the nuts.

Karl said...

I'm with Chad. What an asshole. Too bad you didn't pepper spray the bastard.

Liana said...

Right about now I'm thinking of a few creative uses for a cattle prod on this jerk. I also think that should be a standard issue accessory for a cab driver.

kapgar said...

Stand strong! Did you take her home? How'd you get the address out of her?

Tragerstreit said...

Awesome. Cause...fuck that guy. And that bouncer made his club look even worse by messing with you. All praise the internet. :D