St Patty's 2007 01

While nothing too incredibly astounding stuck out, not in a "holy effin' kee-riste that's funny" there were some amusing shorts to pass along.

I get sent to a bar called Hobo's to pick up this lady named Rebecca. It's in a popular area where there are several bars so I didn't expect her to be there when I got there. (Our 'puter system in the cabs are set up that if we accept a 'job' we have to actually go there and make an effort as they monitor us by gps as to whether we went exactly to the address and how long we stayed at that site) So I pull up and there's a lady standing there flagging the next available cab and I figured she's standing in front of the place where I am to be and it'll look like I picked up the correct person on the terminal.

She and her male companion get in the cab and we take off for a fairly short run across the river. We get to chatting and turns out she is actually Rebecca but had given up on a cab coming to get her as several of our company passed her so she was just trying to get the next available cab. So I had to give her a ration of grief about leaving me hanging while I'm just out there passing up thousands of possible fares just to get her. We laugh and I ask about why they were leaving the St Patty's festivities so early.

She: It's amateur night out here. Too many frat boys trying to pick me up.

Me: I understand what you mean. I've had my fair share of offers to "get a little irish in me" myself tonight.

She: What do you say to them when they say that?

Me: Usually "sorry darlin', a 'little' irish isn't what I'm looking for.

Snorts were shared all around.

Me: I tell ya what though, there are a few of these frat boys I wouldn't mind getting 'hold of myself.

She: Yeah. There are some cute one's out there.

He: Oh my gawd, you girls are terrible. he says with a smile

Me: You didn't know this is how we girls talk about you fellas when you aren't around?

He: No. What else do you talk about?

Me: Well, I dunno about you Rebecca but I like to get 'em while they're still young and *ahem* firm and train as to what women reeeeally like then send 'em back out into the world to use their skillz wisely. making shoo-ing gestures with my hands ... here you go honey. Go make many women happy. :o)

He: Wow. I tell you what, that is exactly what those young frat boys want too.

We all laughed for a ways on that one.

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