I spent most of Sun night in outer SW Ptld ...

Picking up drunks. Apparently I was the only cab on the west side. It was entertaining for the most part. I picked up at one bar 7 times. Each ride was less than $7, but each ride the person(s) in the cab were just wasted. It was pretty amusing.

In between "Monty's Tavern" hopping I ended up getting sent to this guy's home in Aloha. He was pretty happy to see me so soon after ordering a cab (w/in 10 mins) as he was off to his girlfriends house, apparently there was a dude there "... tearing up the house."

I couldn't just let that one go.

Me: So. Some ... random guy?

He: Yeah. I don't know who he is.

Me: Ummmm ... why didn't she call the cops?

He: She doesn't want to get them involved.

Me: Hunh.

He: Yeah. I need to go have a talk with him.

Me: Well, sounds to me like you need to have a talk with the gf. Who is he that he's inside her home at 2a on a Sunday tearing it up and won't call the cops?

He: I don't know. But I plan on finding out. After I get him out of her place.

Me: Hunh. Make sure you don't end up getting arrested. Could get ugly.

He: Nah. I'm too old for that kinda shit now.

I figured my curiosity about his personal life was pretty well covered. As long as I get the questions I ask answered and kinda get the point across (to my satisfaction) that they're missing the finer points of the situation then I can ride along and listen to whatever else it is they have to say.

This guy -turns out- has been working with meth addicts for the better part of 10 years. Just got out of the biz recently and - according to him - can now talk about them all because he no longer has a confidentiality agreement. I imagine he has some stories to tell. We didn't have much chance to chat about it longer 'cuz as we pulled up to gf's place there were 4 cop cars there with lights blazing and gf standing in the street. He pulls money out of his pocket to pay me.

Me: Well, at least you don't have to worry about getting arrested now.

He: Ha. Funny.


Anonymous said...

I still want to know who the "random guy" was! I bet there was quite a story there.

Anonymous said...

I've totally made up a story in my head that the random guy is the OTHER boyfriend she is seeing ;).

And until I started reading your blog, I never knew just how many nights a week people actually got drunk!

Karl said...

Yeah, no way he's just some random dude in her apartment. I sense a mad breakup coming.