Stupid Boy

I picked up these 3 young-ish fellas, cute one in the front, other two in the back. They were chatting about girls and whatnot and I found something they said somewhat amusing so I was smiling to myself while they were bragging.

Cute Boy: You thought that was funny?

Me: Yup. And I smiled at him again.

CB: Wow. You got a beautiful smile.

Me: smiling at him

CB: You're kinda hot ... for a fat chick.

Me: I get that a lot. It's the smile.

CB: I can see that. Ya know, I might even make an exception for you.

Me: No kiddin'? Wow. You'd do that for me huh?

CB: Sure. Why not?

By this time his friends are snickering in the back. We get stopped at the next light and I kinda turn towards him and give him that look. You know which one I mean. The one that fat chicks all over the world get when a cute fella is willing to make an exception just for them ... the oh my gawd he's so cute!! I'd be happy if he'd just let me suck his dick 'cuz ... well, I'm fat and desperate and please GAWD just let him make an exception ... this ... one ... time ... and leaned towards him while looking him up and down, licking my lips.

Me: C'mere big boy. I say in my sexiest - I'm-a-fat-chick-come-fuck-me voice.

He leans in closer, we get about 6 inches apart ... I reach up with my left hand as if to stroke his face and BAM! Right upside the head.

Me: What the fuck is wrong with you?!! Your momma teach you to treat girls that way?

He pulls back so hard he hit his head on the window and me and his friends start laughing so hard he can't help but to laugh too. We ended on a good note, and he tipped me well for being such a sport.


Weekends said...

Good for you! I hope he learned something...

Serra said...

Reminds me of the guy I went out with twice and didn't invite into the house either time.

He said, "You know, you'd really be hot if you lost some weight." I said, "Well, if I'm not attractive now, why did you bother dating me at all?" and went into the house and shut the door.

He got the point.

Jenna said...

ROFLOL. You go girl!