Another illusion shot to hell ...

I've always been under the illusion that when that white light atop my cab is a cloaking device. People usually get outta my way when I'm coming up on 'em from behind and cops usually leave us alone. Usually.

I pull up to pick up someone in a nastee area. Just ... bad. I hit the callout button and wait for someone to show up 'cuz ain't no way I'm getting out in this area. I get the "callout succeeded" on my screen when these two youngish black fellas walk up to me and ask if I wanna "buy some smoke". I just ignore them. Not getting the hint they start knocking on my window and ask louder if I wanna buy. I look at 'em and shake my head and go back to what I was doing (ignoring them) before they walked up.

Outta the blue, at that exact moment a cop comes cruising up and hits his spot light. Aims it at me. The guys go walking off, the cop doesn't drive off so I get outta my car, so does he.

Me: Hi. Boy am I glad to see you! I was trying to ig...

He: interrupting me What are you doing here?

Me: Picking someone up.

He: Huh. In this neighborhood.

Me: Yup. In this neighborhood.

He: Funny. I just got a phone call from someone that said you were trying to buy smoke from these two jokers here.

Me: Nah. I just got here. Just waiting on ...

He: Well interrupting, again seems to me you were talking to those guys.

Me: I was trying not to but they started knocking on my window. I told them I didn't want anything.

He just stares at me for about 30 seconds.

Me: Hey man, I'm just working here.

He: I find it hard to believe that you're picking up anyone in this neighborhood.

Me: You think dope dealers can't afford cabs? I thought I was being funny. He, apparently, did not.

He: This is not. a. joke.

Me: Sorry, I can't help myself. You can look at my screen, it shows the name and address of whomever it is I'm picking up.

He: Let me see your i.d.

So at this point I'm getting that he seriously thinks I'm trying to buy from these guys. I get a bit pissed off. The only that makes as angry as being thought of as stupid because I'm a cabbie is when someone accuses me of doing something I didn't do. (Thanks for THAT mom) But most especially when it's something illegal. So I hand over my license. He keeps looking at it and then shining the light in my eyes. Back and forth. Back and forth.

Me: I. told. you. I am working. Why do you not believe me?

He: Oh, don't worry. I believe that. Just like I believe you're here buying smoke from those guys.

Me: What the FUCK is your problem? Do I not LOOK like a cab driver? I have the fucking car. Do I LOOK like I do drugs? If I did I'd be hella skinnier.

He: There's no reason to get angry, here.

Me: OH. You don't think so? You're accusing me of doing something illegal. I told you those guys were trying to sell me 'smoke' buy you sure as shit aren't going after them. What's up with that?

He: Don't make me arrest you.

Me: Fine. Arrest me. Take me the FUCK downtown. UA me and blood test me. THEN we'll talk about what exactly you're doing harassing me instead of even thinking about going after those guys. Matter o' fact, you have my license, look me up in your little computer there and see if I've EVER gotten in trouble. That would be a 'no'. What's really going on here?

He just keeps eyeballin' me with his flashlight. I eyeball him back. Right then a dude comes outta his apt with his son (about 14yrs old). He asks if there's a problem. It's a school night and his son needs to get back to his momma. The cop hands me my i.d. and just gets in his car and leaves. I had a few minutes to chat w/the kid. Turns out they had raided those apts earlier today and arrested a few folks for dealing. I get the kid home about 15 mins later.

I catch an 'agency' call to go pick up someone just S of Foster at 72nd to take to ADV ER. Right as I'm pulling up to their place I get a msg on my screen telling me to call dispatch on the radio. I get them and guess who just got pulled for a 'random' UA. Yup. Me.



kapgar said...

I don't know what a UA is, but I'm assuming it's not good.

And I do love the timing of that "random" check.

bf said...

What *does* UA mean?

x said...

I'm guessin' urinalysis.

Michelle said...

ding ding ding ding!! We have a winner. Urine Analysis. Yup. Random.

Dave2 said...

D'oh! How is it that the police have gone from "To Serve and Protect" to "To Harass and Humiliate"? I know not all policemen are asses, but it always seems as though the ones I interact with are. Just lucky I guess.

plink said...

I can't say anything other than - Wow. That is *fucked* up.

The Chad said...

Thats fucked up.