"I don't know my address."

There comes a point in some people's lives where they just shouldn't be allowed out in public, for their own safety. And possibly my sanity.

I get sent to Arby's 'round about 82nd and King Rd. to pick up an older lady w/a walker. I get there and get her in the car.

Me: So where we off to tonight?

She: My house.

Me: Um. OK. What's the address?

She: I don't know honey. I just moved there.

Me: Ah. OK. Is the address on your i.d.?

She: No. Not yet.

Me: Uhmmmm. Do you have it written down anywhere?

She: No honey, I don't.

Me: Well can you tell me which direction to go to get you home?

She: Yes. Go down 82nd.

Me: Okee dokee. Now we're in business. Where am I going to turn? Will you recognize it when we get there?

She: I don't think so. I'm so confused. I don't remember where I live. What am I going to do?

At this point she's getting a bit panicky. I'm trying to keep her (and myself) calm but I'm getting a bit frustrated. I put the car back into park there at the Arby's and we calmly work out that she's just moved into a new foster home, run by people that barely speak english (russian of some sort) and she doesn't remember where it is. We're sitting here for about 10 minutes trying to get this info while she's digging thru her purse trying to find something when she finds one of those "If you find this person call this number" type of cards.

I call the number and they don't speak any english. Damn it. I call another cab driver that speaks about 7 different languages and explain the situation and he calls the foster care folks - for a tidy little $10 fee. :o( So I finally get her address figured out and get her to the foster care. She hands me her credit card. Denied. She wants to write me a check. We don't accept checks.

She starts freaking out again. She has no cash. I go knock on the door and this older russian gent comes out to help her outta the cab and into the house. I try speaking to him, he doesn't speak english. I still haven't gotten paid yet. 'Round about then a lady comes driving up. Barely speaks english and starts asking all kinds of questions that I don't have answers for. Turns out this lady left the house about 7a yesterday. Just walked away. The police found her about noon and took her to the e.r. and dropped her off. The foster folks didn't go get her then for whatever reason and so she wandered out of the e.r. and had been m.i.a. since then.

I tried to explain to the lady about not getting paid. She wanders into the house. About the time I decide to write it off she comes back out and hands me a check for $10. Instead of arguing about the time spent and whatnot I just smile at her, thank her and drive off. I run into the other driver and give him the $10 I owed him - in cash - he doesn't take checks. :o)

This morning I stopped by their bank, check is no good. SO. For my almost hours worth of time I ended up -$10.


Flat stan said...

Those people who run the nursing home should be investigated. And the driver who charged you $10 for translation help deserved to get his/her ass kicked. F'ing asses.

Dave2 said...

You need a flamethrower. :-)

apositivepessimist said...

Yes, but just think, you reunited a distressed woman with her obviously, simply beside themselves with worry and concern [yeah, maybe not so] foster family.

The interpreter/cabbie certainly didn't miss you huh.

Heidi said...

What a rip! I would go back to the foster home and give them there check back and ask for my money. Some people just suck.