And the winner is ...


I enjoyed several of the other answers, but this one amused me the most.

Here is what she said:

I would be a Seuss-O-Phone™ because ...

a) I sound equally delightful in a bar, in a car, on a star or dipped in tar.
b) I, too, am a preposterous, impossibly put together hodge-podge of things that somehow works.
c) I am most artfully rendered in 3 colors plus black.
d) I am naturally drawn to cats--with or without striped top hats.
e) I would be as real as this Thing that supposedly made me.

So there we have it ... Ms. C, shoot me an email and we can chat ... mmshelle01@fastmail.fm. I set this one up JUST for you to reach me. :o)

And now we must get back to the regular cab stories 'cuz they're just piling up!

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communicatrix said...


I'm still so excited from hearing this, I just blogged about it. Also, I've been, um, kind of hard up for blogging material.

Anyway, I tried emailing you but no reply, so maybe I got caught in Mr. Spam Filter.

But hey, even if I get NO gift...

I WON!!!!!!!!!