Oh to be young again ...

Picked up 3 very young (13-ish) girls last night after a 'play date' with their very wealthy young male friends at one of their homes on The Hill going to 198th/Farmington (about 25 minutes).

They get in the car and we go on our way. They are laughing and giggling the entire way. I was thinking they were cute until about 1 min. into the ride where they started talking about their hair, and that is all they talked about the rest of the 24 min ride. The same words, repeated over and over. Loudly. Interspersed with lots of giggling. And since they were talking over each other it was basically a run-on sentence with some veeery long vowels: "ohmygawd. My hair soooo has to be parted on the right like yours it just doesn't look right on the left but I love yours on the left mine just doesn't work that way mine is just like yours but it's parted on the right we soooo look like sisters don't you think we look like sisters do you think my hair should be parted on this side? How about we take a picture we can all part our hair on the right side and take a picture and then on the left side and take a picture that would be soooo much fun are you ready ohmygawd i hated that one lets do it again no really it's cute I hate my hair in this one lets do it again but you look really cute lets take another one okay that one works you look so cute in this one but my hair looks bad no it doesn't really now lets do our hair this way and take another picture we're all going to be so cute because we look just like sisters don't you think we look like sisters everyone says we look exactly alike what do you think of my hair parted on this side?" and on. and on. and ooooooon. For 25 minutes.

Not that they weren't cute and all, and I would imagine typical preteen girls of this day and age, but ohmygawd I just wanted to beat my head against the window.


Mel said...

Another reason to be glad I'm not rich: My 13-year-old read this and retched. Different priorities for sure.
Gotta love having a tomboy gamer for a daughter!
(I hated those girls when I was their age; now, I don't so much hate them as feel incredible horror.)

Dave2 said...

How were you able to resist the urge to drive off the nearest cliff just to make it all stop?


Anonymous said...

Oh I'd have cranked up that metal and drowned their Richie Rich asses out ;).

Manic Witch said...

That was painful just to read that. But I have 2 teenaged daughters...that whole conversation is NOT a stretch.