Heard in my cab ...

I had to go pick up this young man with a HUGE afro in Tualatin, take him to Beaverton to pick up this girl he had just met on the internet (and paid to spend time with him) and take them both back to his home. He and I had a fairly interesting conversation on the way up there. He's from Chicago. Only been here a few months. Kinda lonely. Handicapped after getting shot in Chicago. Etc.

We get to the girl's place and she comes out to get in the cab. He starts talking about how hot she is when she's walking to the car. How he likes 'em "big". Etc. She gets in and he is immediately all up on her. Kissing and whispering in her ear. That kinda thing. I don't hear much other than kissing so I turn up the radio and he takes that as an invite to get more frisky with her.

We're tooling along and he starts laughing, really loudly. Then he says "Daaayummmm girl! You're just like Pinky AND the Brain ... big AND smart!!"

I'm sitting up front rooting her on to just slug him. (Hell, I'da held him down.) She just laughs and says "Thank you for the compliment."

As if.


Donna said...

That's sad. Really. I don't know how you do it day after day.

Mel said...

Wow. A Pinky and the Brain compliment is like a McDonald's date.
Just... wow.

Sizzle said...

you see the craziest shit!

Contrary said...

If he likes 'em big, it's a compliment. If she took it as a compliment, it's a compliment.

Just because you wouldn't take it as such, doesn't mean it wasn't given and taken as such.

I'm just sayin'.

(the above differing opinion does not negate my enjoyment of your blog or my admiration of you)

Karl said...

I'm gonna remember that one. Sounds like a real winner of a line.