"I'm just here to pick up someone officers ..."

So it's a fairly slow Sunday evening in Ptown (unless you count the leather and vinyl folks in town for the Goth Fest this weekend ... can I just say ... whoa!! :-), Memorial Day wknd so most folks are outta town. I'm sitting around downtown basically twiddling my thumbs when I get sent to The Governor Hotel to pick up some random folks. As I pull up there are 4 cop cars sitting there, the wrong way on the one way - as they do - and they all turn to look at me.

Ofcr1: You need to move on.

Me: I'm just here to pick up someone officers. I was sent here. What's going on eh?

Ofcr1: What's the name of the person you're picking up?

Me: unfortunately they (dispatch) didn't give me the name, so I just kinda looked at him stupidly for a second and right then a dude came walking out the front door ... Um ... Jesus! I hope it's Greg Allman since he just came out the door. Oh pleaseohpleaseohplease!!!

Right then Greg (um ... Mr Allman?) starts speaking, angrily, to the p.d. about something that happened in the hotel lobby w/another guest. I'm just sitting there staring at Greg when someone finally comes outta the hotel to get in my cab.

Longer story short, of the next 15 ppl I spoke with, only 1 of them knew who he was.

Man, I'm old.


Paradise Driver said...

Greg who?



Anonymous said...

um err who ????

Steve said...

The music guy.

Tragerstreit said...

Hee. Convergence as "goth fest". I'm going to be giggling all day over that one. XD

None of them know who Greg Allman is, I betcha.

Michelle said...

I tell ya Trager, I was sitting at the Hilton when a dude dressed just like "Gimp" from Pulp Fiction came running around the corner. He stopped and stared at me, I just stared at him for a sec, he nodded at me and ran back the other direction. Apparently he escaped.

I asked a few of the folks I had from the Atomic Fire concert what was going on and they said basically it was a goth fest. *shrug*

Almost as entertaining watching these folks as it was for the Vampire Ball I worked a few months back. THAT was a good time. :o)

Rick said...

So what was Mr. Cher doing in ptown?

Michelle said...

He had a concert at one of the casino's on the coast. Best hotels in the state are in Ptld.

Contrary said...

I know who he is, in a vague pop culture history kind of way. Allman Brothers, married to Cher, father of her son Elijah Blue, etc.

Oh, jeez, I didn't even have to Google for that. Wanna get together for bridge at the old folks home?

Jack's Shack said...

Sometimes aging sucks.