"I just need money to buy my beer."

I picked up this older lady about 11p ish one night last week. She was only going a mile (to the closest bar) and had to get there in a hurry. They were closing at 12a.

I get her there with plenty o' time to spare, $4.20 on the meter. She hands me 4.25 ... in change. All quarters. Fine. I'll add it to the change bank I have here. (Sadly, this happens a lot)

Me: Thank you much. I hope you have a good evening.

She just looks at me for a moment. Sort of expectantly.

Me: Was there something else I could do for you?

She: I want my change.

Me: blink Oh. I'm sorry. You want your nickel back? I'm afraid I don't carry that sort of change on me.

She: Well, isn't it your JOB to have change?

Me: No. Actually, it's YOUR job to be able to pay your fare with the equivalent.

She: Fine. Keep it. I'm sorry. I just need everything I can get right now.

Me: Ah. I understand. Well, have a lovely evening.

She: Well, do you have any dollars?

Me: Um. Yeah. I keep change for some smaller bills yes, but again, nothing of the silver variety.

She: Oh. I see. Well, here.

She hands me 3 dollars in quarters.

Me: Wow. Thank you. That's sweet of you.

She: Um. I need 3 dollars please.

I just look at her for a moment, then it dawns on me.

Me: Holy shit! You want to BUY my dollars from me? I thought you were tipping me.

She: No. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I just need money to buy my beer. And it's kinda embarrassing to pay for my beer with quarters.

Me: Ah. I would think it would be embarrassing to pay for your cab fare with change, but that's just me. But, here's your quarters back. I don't sell my change. Sorry I can't help you. Have a good evening.



Andrew said...

C'mon! You should never be embarrassed when buying beer, even if it's w/ pennies! It's the American way!
But maybe you should put a taxi/bank sign on your cab.
Your stories are just great. I look forward to looking at your updates! Greetings from Detroit!

Anonymous said...


Manic Witch said...

It sounds like the bartender would be used to her paying in quarters. I bet that wasn't her first visit.

Karl said...

Wow, unbelievable.

I gave you a Thinking Blogger Award. You consistently entertain and make me think, "Wow, unbelievable."

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Sizzle said...

that spells "alcoholic"

Iron Fist said...

This is why we need coin-operated beer vending machines in this country: to save the truly cheap from public embarrassment.

My Fare City said...

another friend of bill's ...