A Contest!!!

I don't know why I thought of this, but it sounds amusing to me. :o) And I know that I have always tried to keep this to cab stories only, but hey, it beats a meme right?! heh I hope ya'll will indulge me a little here.

I saw this while driving down the road tonight.

I would like you all to tell me, by responding in the comments of this post, what instrument you would like the good Lord to make you as an "instrument of his peace", why this instrument suits you, and how being this "instrument of peace" can help our world.

Now for the contest part:

I will leave this post up until Friday the 27th for comments. The comment that I find most amusing will be the winner!! Of what is yet to be determined, but it will be something cool - at least that I consider cool (HEY! It's MY contest dammit!). And it will be made by me. Drawn. Sculpted. Or any other form of hand made I choose.

C'mon now everyone ... it COULD be fun. Maybe. If you all play along. :o)

Now for my answer: I think the good lord should make me into a set of bagpipes because:

a) I'm sort of saggy like bagpipes.

b) When I wake up my hair is sorta all over the place like said pipes.

c) If you squeeze me the wrong way I make some really weird noises (and sometimes even if you squeeze me the right way)

d) I tend to "perk up" if you blow on (or into) me.

e) I think Castro would've given over sooner if they would have played the 'pipes instead of the Spice Girls. Althoooo, maybe not.

I think I could help this world by being bagpipes because we can always use a few more Scottish folk here. World dominion could be had at the feet of bagpipes. Or - at the very least - a good funeral dirge.


Miss Britt said...

A baby grand piano.

1. Because I'm little

2. And cute

3. But whether you bang on it like a newbie or caress it skillfully - I'm going to make music. How good it sounds depends on how long you've practiced.

Nothing brings peace like the soothing sounds of a baby piano that has been played well. :-)

I think we would all agree the world could use more of that kind of piece. ;-)

kapgar said...

I want to be an alto saxophone for the following reasons:

1. Saxes are pure sexual energy. Who can resist one?

2. The fingers of some of the world's most beautiful people will be all over me. (while, admittedly, so would some of the world's not-so-hottest fingers)

3. I get blown repeatedly.

4. I'm a sax that Kenny G does NOT play.

Carrie said...

I would be a violin because then I would be tucked into the sweet spot of my husband's neck with his fingers strumming my hair.

Contrary said...

A guitar because:

1) If you pluck me just right, I'll scream for you

2) I'm tightly strung, which is always more interesting

3) Even if you're only pretending I'm there, I'm a hell of a lot of fun

4) You can play me right handed or left, as long as you play me

5) I look hot just sitting there

communicatrix said...

I would be a Seuss-O-Phone™ because...

a) I sound equally delightful in a bar, in a car, on a star or dipped in tar.

b) I, too, am a preposterous, impossibly put together hodge-podge of things that somehow works.

c) I am most artfully rendered in 3 colors plus black.

d) I am naturally drawn to cats--with or without striped top hats.

e) I would be as real as this Thing that supposedly made me.

Michael said...

I would be a trumpet because:

a) If you catch them under the proper lighting, they have a wonderful shine.

b) Easy to march around with.

c) Can be loud and annoying when needed.

d) Can also be quite and romantic.

e) You only need three fingers to make it work.

Tracy Lynn said...

I would be a tuba, because I'm a big girl, I'm loud when I laugh, and I'm shiny. Very, very shiny.

Jacki said...

I would be an accordion.

Not many people know what to do with me.

And I am unique but gradually becoming rare to find.

FyreGoddess said...

I think I'm a bass guitar because I'm much harder to play than I look; bass *players* are hard to find - good ones even moreso; you can hear me coming all the way down the street; I often fret, but every now and again you'll find me fretless; I can stand up - heh - but I usually need a little support to remain standing.

Tragerstreit said...
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Tragerstreit said...

I am a musical saw.

I have very sharp, biting teeth. I'm really useful when you need something cut down. Some people say I sound better when I don't use my cutting edge, but those who know me best wouldn't hear me any other way.

I am surprisingly flexible.

Depending on how you treat me, I purr, moan, or scream. I make lovely noises when I'm caressed, or a lot of irritating rasping when I'm just used.

Find my sweet spot and we'll make music together.

I start thin at the top and widen to the bottom.

There's a lot of utilitarian in me, but I'm also kind of otherworldly.

I'm a little bit dangerous. Okay, I'm really not that dangerous if you know what you're doing. In the right hands, I am a work of ART. In the wrong hands, I'm bent out of shape easily.

In my element, I'm a dime a dozen. Out of my element, I'm the oddest thing you've ever seen.

I am a reflection of those around me, distorted a little.

Tragerstreit said...

Oh yes. And being a musical saw would benefit the world by being something for work AND play, cheap at twice the price, providing a tool to get the job done and some distraction when the work becomes too much. And she won't mind you notching the bedpost so much when you make music as you do it.

The Chad said...

I shall pick.....A Flute.


All the super hot girls in my high school played the flute.

They blew on it really hard.


Dave2 said...

I'd pick a bassoon.

Just because I like saying "basoon."


Lisa said...

I'd be a Piccolo because i'm small & long...and make small, high pitched noises....i LOVE (to throw) Pickles AND...when you blow me i go, "oh oh oh"... and my sister used to play the Flute....