Welcome to Portland ... *sigh*

X 6 12 hr days/week = $500 +/- per week in gas. Ugh.

We are currently 5th highest in the nation for gas prices. Imagine how much fun I'll be having by the end of the summer. :o)

Ah yes, I guess I should answer the question: so far, no. Cab fares are not going up, yet. They (being the cab commission) is saying they're concerned that if they raise the price for cab fares then folks will stop using cabs. I argue the point that if folks choose not to use cabs the other option will be putting gas in their own vehicles. :o)


Jeanine said...

Just out of curiosity are cab fares going up to go along with higher gas prices?

Paradise Driver said...

When I parked my cab on Sunday morning it was $3.619 here on Mau'i.

Crabbie said...

Jesus, where'd you see that, and why are you buying gas there? It 30-38 cents/gallon cheaper everywhere else.