Just so everyone knows ...

I just read my "review" on ITTM, I truly appreciate the fun comments but apparently I need to clear one little thing up ...


I thought I had made that clear enough, but I guess not.

Now we know.

And as far as my template being boring ... I'm a cab driver fer crissakes ... I'm computer illiterate for anything past typing. I'm lucky I got this far. heh.

For those of you that don't know what I'm speaking of (ITTM) go -->
  • here
  • and read my review, and many others for some damned entertaining reading. :o) Oh, and be sure to read the comments. They're usually as funny as the review.

    Cheers!! Happy VD as well.


    Weekends Off said...

    Hi I found your site through them I THINK last week sometime - I don't remember the day but I did go and stalk your archives and read from the beginning.

    It didn't take me long to figure out you were a woman but I guess people think "cab driver" and picture a man.

    Weekends Off said...
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    Dave2 said...

    Well, you'll note that I used the proper gender pronouns in my comment... so not everybody was confused here! :-)

    apositivepessimist said...

    Lady! You are a classic read.

    I started from the beginning. When I read “My Robbery” the cold shivers just raced all over my body. Damn just Daamn.

    Now, I have to stop reading so that I don’t guts you all in one sitting.

    Cheers M.

    Heidi said...

    I like your blog and I was even more thrilled to ind that you were a woman when i first read this blog over a month ago. I give you props for being a cab driver! :o)