"Can you at least get us to civilization?"

I dropped a lady off in outer SE Clackamas (it's out there) and there is a call in Eagle Creek (even further out) that needs to come back to outer N Ptld (about 40 miles as the crow flies). I call and get the phone number before I head out there (I'm still about 15 miles away and have to go thru the "Carver Curves") to make sure this is legit. I call, the lady at the gas station that called it in said they are still waiting and hadn't called any other cab companies. I tell her I'm about 20 out but on my way.

I get there and along w/some local kids hanging out there at the Chevron (only thing open at that hour for about 20 mins any direction) are the 3 I'm to pick up, 1 guy, 2 girls. All 20 according to them.

They get in, I ask them if they can pay up front.

Girl 1: How much is that going to be?

Me: Right at $80, plus or minus.

G1: WHAT? Man. We were thinking it was going to be about $40.

Me: Well, $40 would get you back to civilization.

Guy: Well, we got $21, how far will that get us?

Me: Into Carver, still no civilization. So, I gotta ask, you thought it would be about $40 but you only got $21? What's up with that?

Guy: Well, we were hoping the driver could help us out. Could you?

Me: As much as I hate to leave anyone hanging, there's no way in hell I'm gonna take you guys into town for 20 bucks.

G1: Well, you're going back that way anyway, right?

Me: Honestly, I'd rather dead-head all the way back, empty and not make any money than to take you guys back into town for 20 bucks. I might have if you would have said something to the dispatcher, but you just wasted about an hr of my time getting out here and back in to town, on a Saturday night at 1a. I'm angry enough to just leave you guys sitting here.

G1: Well, I'm sorry, but we're desperate.

Me: Then you should have been honest instead of trying to screw me, or any other cab driver out of time and money. Now get out so I can head back to town.

G1: Wait, wait wait. Can you at least get us to civilization for $20?

Me: I could, but there is nothing open there, I just came thru so I know. At least here you have someplace that's open so you can hang out until the buses start running in the a.m. So no, I'm not going to take you there and leave you in the open like that.

Guy: All right, hey, we're sorry we did this, do you think you could get us near to Ptld for $40?

The girls start bitching about him holding out on them.

Me: HEY! Bitch at him later. If you got $40, cash, on you right now and pass it up, I'll give you a ride into Ptld.

They pass it up and we get going. I take them to the Winco on 82nd and Causey (only thing open on that corner of town) and give them back $5 so they have bus fare in the morning.


Dave2 said...

There is no way... NO way... I would have taken them anywhere. What would they have done if you hadn't asked in advance and took them into the city... try to pay an $80 fare with $20? Scammers. Amazing how some people don't seem to understand that you have to make a living at your job.

whall said...

Give 'em a ride to the Precinct :)

GIC: um, where are we?
you: we're at the precinct
GIC: but, [pause], why?
you: Because you didn't pay for the service
GIC: but I have warrants! They'll arrest me!
you: then I guess I'm doing my public duty, then aren't I?
GIC: but but but, ok, I have the money... HERE... but I thought you'd be COOL about it, b*tch
you: I'm cooler than you'll ever know. My blog proves it.

Tragerstreit said...

you're FAR too kind sometimes.

Jessie said...

After the way they lied? Ooooh, youve become a softy.

Iron Fist said...

Next time this happens just give them a ride to my house. I will totally help you shake the little bastards down for that other $40.