" ... all you drunken boys look alike to me."

One of the things about signing an 'independent contractor' contract w/our company is that if there is a time when your cab is down they are to provide you with a "spare" car. This usually means that all the cars that are being decommissioned at the end of the year for being too old, too ugly, too crappy running, etc are the ones we get. About 5 out of 7 times since I've started working here and get a spare car I've had it towed in for some sort of mechanical issue. Usually from the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, my car is down. Again. They had no spare cars to ... spare (heh) so I ended up taking a "wheelie van" (wheelchair van). I'm trained, I just choose to drive a sedan instead of a van. Less hassle, more cash. Wheelie vans have the same amount of seat belts as the sedans so they can be used as a regular cab in between the priority wheelchair rides.

I got sent to pick up a couple of different groups of people, one particular group of folks were this younger group of 2 girls, 1 guy going to Union Jacks (dive strip bar w/suicide girl dancers). They come out of their apt and kinda slow when they see the cab. I hop out and open the back drivers side door for them to get in. After they get settled and strapped in the guy recognized me when we got to chatting.

Guy: Hey! I remember you! You took home me and some of my friends one night. Do you remember me?

Me: Yeah? I'm sorry, but all you drunken boys look alike to me.*wink*

Girl1: Idiot. Like she's going to remember your dumb ass with all the people she picks up. Sorry. Please excuse my friend here. He's a little ... slow.

Me: A HA! Now you know why they sent the 'short bus' to pick up you guys. :o)

They thought that was one of the funnier things they'd heard in awhile.


Paradise Driver said...

They thought that was one of the funnier things they'd heard in awhile.

Yeah, the ones who ride the short bus usually do.


whall said...

Were you able to discern which cab story he starred in?

Iron Fist said...

I think he was in the one where she takes the people to Union Jack's in the short bus, Wayne.