Get sent to a tiki bar on NE Broadway one night to pick up a girl named Greta.

I get there and call the number given. I get voice mail and leave a msg: "This is your cab, I'm leaving. If you need another call the company back at ... "

As I'm hanging up on the vmb I get a call coming in from the number I just called and left a msg.

Me: Hello?

She: Hi, you called me? giggle

Me: Hi, this is your taxi, I'm outside the bar, do you still need a ride?

She: giggling and whispering to her friend in the background I think you have the wrong number.

Me: I'm sorry, I was given this number to reach Greta.

She: Well, I'm Erica. You have the wrong number. It's 2 o clock in the goddamned morning!! Don't you check your numbers better than that? What the hell is wrong with you? I should complain to your company calling the wrong number at this time of the morning! giggle giggle shush shush

Me: ... Ah. So then when I called a moment ago and got the vmb that said "This is Greta with So-And-So Company, please leave a message" I got the wrong number? Gee. Guess I'll have to call that company in the morning and tell them someone is randomly giving out their employees' cell phone numbers to cabs to pick up people at bars. I'm sure they'll want to look into that.

She: Um ... I'm sorry. We lied. We already got a cab.

Me: Ah. So I'm guessing you don't want me to call your company in the morning either, eh?

She: Please!!??!!

Stupid little wench.

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whall said...

Run your karma over their dogma.