A coupla personal notes:


My book is basically finished. All but for some drawing that I wanted to do. I was getting all excited about it: took awhile, but I got it. Got it backed up to a disc ... just in case - RIGHT?!! (Ya never know so you always have a 'just in case' back up.) I had also -JUST IN CASE- printed out the whole damned thing as I was going along. Not the finished product, just the edited version as I went along. All that excitement made me tired so I shut down my 'puter and went to bed.

I've never backed up anything in my entire effin' life, but THIS is the thing I wanna make sure survives the holocaust.

My roommate comes home and gets on the 'puter (he works days, I work nights) and does his typical 'Oh-my-Gawd-there-HAS-to-be-SOME-porn-picture-on-the-internet-that-I-haven't-seen-yet' search. And downloads some nasty little virus.

Killed my 'puter. Dead. Disc still in it and not coming out. Fucker.

So him being the manly computer geek that he isn't, and feeling really bad about killing my 'puter he decided to fix it. His idea of fixing it is to mind wipe the whole thing. Start from scratch. Now I'm not saying that I would EVER have any illegal stuff on my 'puter, even in this day and age of the key generators (whistling innocently) but you mind wipe a 2000 HP back to the original state and you're bound to lose some things.

Like, everything. Double fucker.

SO, even after taking it to my favorite 'puter geek there's nothing I can do with it. It's all gone. Although he did get the disc out, so not a TOTAL loss. As long as you don't count my pictures and my entire 8 years of life on my 'puter. Fucker. Fucker. Fucker.

Too bad I couldn't be smart and back up everything else as well as the book. Did I learn NOTHING from watching every single episode of "Sex and the City"?!! (the girls will get that reference, guys ... prolly not.)

But hey, there's gotta be a silver lining ... right? I've been wanting to get a new 'puter for awhile and this is the perfect opportunity, so I indulged. Better. Stronger. Faster. I got the Jamie Sommers version of the 'puter. For me, anyway. (And NO, Dave2, it's not a Mac!!)

I get all excited about my new toy. Get it all set up and playing with the settings and whatnot. Even took a night off to play with it. Whoooooo ... it's fast! Having all kindsa fun with it, setting up the PASSWORDS and whatnot then decide to get down to business.

I put my disc in, up pops the little 'what doya wanna open this with' window and ... wait. Where's ... ? WHAT? Whaddaya mean Vista has NO WORD PROCESSING PROGRAM??!!! Are you shitting me?! Motherfu ....

SO. That's where I am on the book. Let's all bow our heads and pray that I don't kill someone. Although if I do, I'll have plenty of time in prison to long-hand it all.


I finally broke down and bought myself an iPod. Just a Shuffle, the 2GB version. Only 500 songs. Cute lil tiny green thing. Adorable, actually. (I had to get the little one 'cuz I don't wanna have something that some poor, desperate sonnabitch might wanna rob me for in the cab.)

How in the FUCK did I ever live without the music I want to listen to for so long?!!! Oh Holy effin Christ I'm in love. Radio schmadio.

AND: A note to Visa: Yes. When you get that Apple charge for $380 just go ahead and pay it. I have an addiction.


Paradise Driver said...

And are you going to password encrypt your new PC so no one, not even BF, can get into it?

Donna said...

You'll find a free word-processing program to download at the following site:


Dave2 said...


Not a Mac?


Are you purposely trying to upset me like this? :-)

Backups are good.

Scheets said...

Good thing nothing happened to the book. I'll be one of the first in line to get it. :)

By the way... good luck with Vista. It hasn't worked well for me.

Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, I hate the vista. HATE IT. But I totally get the shuffle. I have one, 4GB and it is my One True Love.

Archilles said...

You know, even if the hard drive has been formated, the data can still be retrieved. However, not many places perform the specialized recovery and it costs a lot of money.

By disc, do you mean a burnable CD/DVD?

Next time, buy the cheapest external external USB hard-drive. Plug it in, copy everything, verify everything, remove it, and never touch it again. Of course, you can be cheaper with the more geek powers you have. But this is the simplest backup procedure.

Sizzle said...

I am totally going home and backing up my files. SHIT!

Catherine said...

Hey, congrats on bringing your book to completion! You're my hero, right now, using you as inspiration.

adena said...

Oh oh oh!! Oh!!!

I so know how you feel!! Do you know how often this has happened to me? I LIVE w/ a computer geek, and he was wiped my hard drives at LEAST 4 times w/o backing anything up. I have lost games, photos, you name it.

I have all my books on this computer, but the computers in the house are networked together, so I've got them saved on them all now. I should probably back up disk them, too....just cuz if ANYONE could crash more than one computer at a time, it would be MY computer geek. Seriously. There are some things I never let him forget about, and losing all my shit more than once? High on that list!!

And, Vista?? ACK! Go buy XP and replace it! Vista is crap. CRAAAAAP!!