"Their school had the best cab driving courses in the country."

I picked up a pair of couples from The Delta a few nights ago after discussing the food they told me that the couple in back were from outta state. We discussed a few other places to go while they were in town (Noho's ... go to Noho's!!!) and then I asked where they were from. Turns out they're from Boulder, CO (where I'm from) and they're on their way to Kalispell, MT (where I lived a few years back) so we were having a good time talking about what was, what is, etc.

While we were chatting we decided to see if there was any other places we've seen/been alike.

Guy in Back: Um ... Vail, CO.

Me: Yup. Went up there from Boulder to buy some ice cream one day.

GIB: Um ... San Jose, CA.

Me: No. But I lived in Lodi, CA for a bit. Interesting town that one.

GIB: Your turn.

Me: Um ... Pendleton, OR.

GIB: No. Where's that?

Me: As close to hell as you can get without falling in. Speaking of hell ... Cheyenne, WY.

GIB: Gawd no. That's on my top 10 list of worst places in the country to live. You lived there?

Me: Yup. Lived and worked while I went to school in Laramie at the Univ.

GIB: Jesus. What in the world would make you live in Cheyenne, Wyoming?

Me: Their school had the best cab driving courses in the country.

GIB: ...

Me: Kidding. I'm kidding. Jeez.

I'm bettin' they're looking that one up as you read.


Paradise Driver said...

"Oh, Lord. I'm stuck in Lodi again." - Credence

I am from Modesto.

BarnGoddess said...

wow, youve lived all over!

whall said...

What's so bad about Cheyenne?

Me said...

OMG Whall, what isn't wrong with Cheyenne? Other than when I was growing up in CO it was the only place you could legally drink liquor at 19. And drive your tractor on the street (!) at 14.

OK, yes, I am THAT old. I remember 3.2 and 6.0 beer and alcohol at 19.