Consumer Alert!

I get sent to Oak Grove to pick up a feller and his dog, Jake and take them to the emergency vet clinic as Jake got hold of something he shouldn't have while they were away. Poor Jake, a handsome black lab, is just crying his lil heart out and his dad can't pick him up because a) Jake's a big boy and b) dad is drunk. Which is why he called a cab. Smart man, for a police officer. :o)

Anyway, about 2 hrs later the clinic called me and asked me to come back and get them as they were ready to go.

I get there and the officer is leading Jake on a leash, but he (Jake) is still whining a bit, but at least he's - sorta - walking, but just can't work his way up to getting into the car so dad had to help him in. Turns out Jake got hold of some macadamia nuts and mowed on 'em. Apparently mac nuts have some sort of protein in them that is bad for dogs. Makes their muscles weak and makes them miserable. I didn't ask what could happen if he ate too much, I didn't want to think about it. So they gave him some charcoal, made him vomit and gave him diarrhea for the next coupla days and apparently he's gonna be all better.

And, for the record, Jake rode the whole way home with his body in the back seat but his head on my bag (between the front seats) so I could pet his head and talk to him. Poor widdle Jake! Made me shed a few tears he did. Since I like animals more than most people and all.

Just thought those of you with dogs would like to know.


whall said...

Jupiter, our (stray) Belgian Shepherd tore into our other dog's Rimadyl prescription bottle. We just saw the gnawed result of half a bottle in the back yard, and looked like crazy for any sign of the pills, but no, they were nowhere. And since Rimadyl supposedly tastes good (to help dogs eat it daily), Jupiter ate the whole bottle. I mean like a 30-day supply.

So he spent the better part of a weekend at the hospital, getting the charcoal stuff, lots of fluids and stuff to clean out his system.

He's fine now :) Here are some pics if you care to see a cute dog.

Sizzle said...

i hope jake is ok!

i like animals more than people more of the time too.

BarnGoddess said...

macadamia nuts huh? Ill spread the word! Im glad hes going to be okay.

and you are right, animals are wayyyyyyyyyyy better than people any day.

Jenna said...

You learn something new every day. Thanks for the tip. And yes, I like most animals more than most people, too. You have your exceptions on both sides, of course.