"I've never paid that much for a cab ride home"

I get sent to the Victory Bingo hall at 162nd se Stark to pick up a lady after late night bingo one night, about 3a. She gets in and we go to her house at about 67th and se Foster. She asked me how much I thought it would be, I estimated about $20 +/-.

We get there and it's 21+ on the meter.

She: My gawd, I've never paid that much for a cab ride home. I refuse to pay that much.

Me: You 'refuse'??

She: Yes, I KNOW it doesn't cost that much for a ride. It never has before. I told you we shouldn't have taken the freeway.

Me: And I told you it would cost more if we didn't due to waiting on lights and whatnot, but let's see if we can figure this out, all right? According to the map it's just over 9 miles - as the crow flies - to the bingo hall. I'll round it down 'cuz I'm just nice like that. So that's 9 miles at 2.20/mile that gives us ... oh ... 19.80$ and then the initial 2.50 to get in the car and that leaves us with right at 22.30$ to get here. So actually, me taking you the freeway got you here less than what it should have by a few dimes.

She: Well, I guess with that map you can pretty much figure out how much to anywhere, correct?

Me: As long as I have an address, yes.

She: And do all cab companies have these maps?

Me: No, just ours.

She: Well then I guess I'll start calling another company.

She hands me exact change and gets out.


Sizzle said...


Tracy Kaply said...

I should probably send you some spoons.

whall said...

"no, just ours."


BarnGoddess said...

cranky old hag!

and she was probably the BIG winner that night too...

Anonymous said...

Thats funny!!