Nothing exciting, but ...

My cab is down for maintenance (has been since Saturday evening actually) and so is my apartment (long story there) so I have no new stories, yet and am stuck in a hotel for a week.

BUT, I have an update on one story from a few days ago ... my 13 yr. old foster child; the company refused to pay me. Pssht.

AND, just 'cuz I finally figured out - sorta - how to do this, this link is to my pics on WebShots. A very few of the ones I draw. (Can't tell I'm a little proud eh?! :o)


And if any of ya'll are really brave, you can look at the other albums and catch a glimpse into the life of a cab driver. But I'm warning you, it's nothing glamorous. Lotsa crafting. I am a girl after all. :o)



Sizzle said...

that sucks to be out of commission. but on a brighter note, your drawings kick all kinds of ass.

Mel said...

I couldn't find a place to comment over there... but oh, man, can you draw.
Seriously, I can't imagine how it is that you aren't a rich woman with that talent of yours.

Paradise Driver said...

You are a lady of many talents.

Just curious, the second image on the prior post - self-portrait?

Grax said...

I take it you're a fan of Top Cow comics. Cos your art style seems to mimic theirs, namely The Darkness. How long have you been drawing for? Was is it all trial an error? Hmmm... I'm sensing a potential blog entry forming from these questions.

Did I mention already that I love your artistic talents?

whall said...

WAY too talented for cabbin' it. Good thing you didn't put this stuff on your resume otherwise they'd say "no, you're overqualified".

BarnGoddess said...

oh no, I hope your cab and apt get back into the game asap!

off to check out your link.

it was still a very good thing you did for that foster kid....shoulda been reimbursed tho--stupid company.

Rick said...

Damn, woman you got issues. As in, monthly issues... 1-9. That's some good shit, right there!

LeSombre said...


I'm a little late reading your entries, but darn, those are some cool drawings.