How about some random shorts ...

Stories I mean :o)

1) Picked up a drunk fella from Dr. Feelgood's in Tigard. He was blabbering the trip away, it was his first time out in 6 years, his wife died and he has been taking care of his 6 yr. old son since. Has never really been able to afford a sitter until he just got this new job. We went to the sitter's to get his son then I took them home.

2) Got my first 'in labor' run. Girl up in Oregon City, I was in dntn Ptld (about 25 mins away) at about 3a one random night. I took my time getting down there as she didn't tell the disp. that she was in labor, just needing a ride. Turns out she is an OR Health Plan patient, and her first child. Since she is an OHP member they didn't send her to any sort of lamaze classes or anything letting her know what to expect because, well, I'm sure they don't want to put any more strain on the tax paying public. By the time I got there she was understandably distressed. Contractions were 4 mins apart and I had to take her to OHSU (downtown Ptld). She was screaming pretty much the whole way, bf was staring at her in horror from the back seat (she was in front) and about 10 minutes into the ride I'd had enough of the screaming.

I had to scream at her to get her attention (while we're driving) and explain to her lamaze breathing and concentration. I had to hold her hand and walk her through her breathing for the rest of the ride (thankfully, I've walked a few friends through labor). Once she started concentrating on her breathing she calmed and the contractions slowed. Jeez. What a ride.

3) Got sent to an address in inner Milwaukie to pick up a fella. When I got to the address I didn't see anyone so pulled in to turn around and park on the street (never park in the driveway, always gotta leave youself a clear trail if you gotta run). As I was pulling in my lights shine on the garage off to the side of the home, there is a young man on his knees giving a blow job to another young man. Turns out these guys are the fellas I'm picking up. The guy on his knees is the one that called, but the other guy is someone that was just walking by and the 1st guy thought he looked "tasty". (His word, not mine) So they were on the way to the first young man's home.

4) Got sent to Eagle Country Club to pick up a young lady named Lisa. I get there, she and her 2 friends get in the car bitching and complaining about them going to their new job's corporate party and none of them being old enough to drink. Their new boss wouldn't let them drink at all. "... what they don't KNOW is that I am a VETeran drinker at my age. I've been drinking longer than probably ALL of those snobs. And Oh my GOD did you see 'Old-Navy-dress-girl'?? I can't believe she wore that dress to a CORPorate dinner. How TACKy."

5) Picked up two younger fellas at the Embassy Stes downtown and took them to the airport. We got to the 'port, they paid and (like most guys that get in my car) they tell me I can just wait in the car and they'll get their luggage outta the car and close the trunk. I get out anyway and wait while they get their stuff outta the trunk.

YF1: It's ok, we can get it.

Me: That's all right, thank you but I have to make sure that one of you guys doesn't lock the other in my trunk so I have someone riding in my trunk for the rest of the morning.

YF2: That happen a lot?

Me: Not once yet, but that's only because I'm so diligent.


Anonymous said...

OMG, thank goodness you did not have to deliver that girl's baby...seriously.

Tracy Kaply said...

Heh heh heh. Dude, you're diligent. *snicker*

Jessie said...

I am just hoping to god that you are going to write a book.

Dave2 said...

But Hilly, it would have been an even better story if she DID have to deliver the baby! :-D

Sizzle said...

how come it isn't so easy for me to find a "Tasty" fella to blow? sheesh!

did i say that aloud? my bad.

Iron Fist said...

Jeez. I guess if you drive a cab for a while, you've seen it all. And then some...