"... you just go ahead and lose that attitude"

I get sent to Valley Lanes Bowling to pick up a fella from the bar. I get there and see a youngish fella lounging on the bench outside the bars front door ('lounging' = looks to be so drunk he cannot sit upright) drinking something out of a plastic cup, but right then a young lady comes walking out of the bar, sees me and gets that "Yea the cab is here!" look to her, turns around and runs back into the bar so I get my hopes up that it isn't actually the fella on the bench.

I sit for about 5 minutes and no one comes out. I park the cab, get out, toss my garbage and meander up to the door. Right about as I'm 1/2 way to the door the girl comes out again and looks to me, then gets a real disgusted look on her face and says to the guy on the bench "Dude, your cab is here. Didn't you see it?"

He: I can't pay a fuckin' cab. I ain't got no fucking money.

Me: Then why'd you call for a cab if you can't pay for one?

She: I tell you what, how about if I pay for his cab and you just go ahead and lose that attitude, all right?

Me: How about if I just call you another cab 'cuz I tell ya, I couldn't lose my attitude if I wanted to.

She: Why don't you just do that.

Me: All rightee. Have a good evening.

She: You too.

She turns around and walks back into the bar. It actually wasn't all that bad.

BUT ...

As I walk back to the cab Sparky decides he must jump in.

He: Hey.

I keep walking.

He: Hey Goddamnit, I'm talking to you.

I open the door and get in the cab, close and lock the door.

He: Hey he's at the door now I want to know what you said to her.

Me: She asked me to call you another cab.

He just kinda looked at me for a few seconds then gets a real nasty look on his face.

He: What the FUCK is your PROBLEM. BITSCHHH.

Me: I'm not going to do this with you. Have a nice evening.

He: How the FUCK am I supposed to get home. Hunh??

Me: You might have thought about that before you called me a bitch. Good night.

Little shit looked at me backing out and threw his beer on my car. Fortunately it didn't go in the window and on me.

He: What do you think of THAT. Bitschhh. HAH. As he's doing this he's pounding on his chest like an ape and throwing his hands up in the air (if anyone has seen "Dick in a box" it looked very similar to ol' JT there :o)

Me: I think you're beerless now Stud. and keep backing out.

Kid comes running at me with his fist up as if he's going to swing on me. I back out far enough -and fast enough - to make sure he can't catch me, leave and get on the radio and tell them what happened and that they still need a cab, but to send a big, strong man.

Disp: Not after what they did to you. I'll let them know when they call back.


Sizzle said...

i'd like to say- that'll teach them! but you know? people like that don't learn.

Donna said...

Haaaaaaaaaa!!! You always have the perfect answers and solutions.

rizlablue said...

Welcome back. Nicely handled!

BarnGoddess said...

glad your back!

I missed ya. Im a longtime lurker with an occasional comment..

you handled that perfect.