"Where's a cop when you need one?"

If you haven't been to Ptld you don't wanna spend your first visit trying to figure out how to drive in downtown. It's mostly 1-ways with a few 2-ways thrown in to confuse the tourists. Matter o' fact, there are 2 hotel stands that some of us sit where we can count on more than one hand how many people are going to be driving the wrong way up the 1-ways in any given hour.

For the most part, I find this amusing, unless they're coming at me in my left lane and can't decipher me honking my horn and flashing my lights that they're going the wrong way. (Hint: if you're driving up a street and NONE of the signs are facing your direction, you mights wanna check your directions)

Anyway, a few months back they were repaving one of the busiest roads in dntn Ptld - Naito Pkwy - and when they were in the process of reopening it they only opened one side, two lanes, and it was only going south. Northbound had to use 2nd ave. So I'm sitting in the left lane at a light, dude in a truck sitting next to me when a fella pulls out about 4 blocks ahead of us, coming at us, the wrong way, in my lane. I start flashing my lights, dude next to me does the same. Guy keeps coming at me. Fella next to me rolls down his window so I rolled down my passenger window.

Dude: Ya think he's gonna make it all the way here before he figures it out?

Me: I just hope he actually sees me, this could get ugly. grin Where's a cop when you need one, eh?

Right then I hear a loud speaker from the cop sitting behind the guy in the truck. 8- \

Cop: Well, if one of you people would get out of the way I could DO something about that guy.

Me: Ah, oops!! Allow me!! I pulled out and around the guy in the truck and got as far from there as I could, as quickly as possible.


Sizzle said...

ha ha!

Dave2 said...

But did you hear the sound of crumpled metal and broken glass followed by an explosion?

I'm thinking that the guy had to keep his car above 50mph or else a bomb will go off...

Wavemancali said...

Tell me that you at least go the satisfaction of seeing the cop shoot him :)

Tragerstreit said...

Oh, that's excellent.

whall said...

That's awesome. I need a "cop on call" like that sometimes, when people throw their cigarette butts on the ground right in front of you. I wanna just get out, pick it up and throw it back into their window saying "I think you dropped something..."

butterfly_chic26 said...

I myself have actually been to Portland and I got lost. Well my friends that were driving me got lost. We were trying to find a hotel close to the air port, and we got lost for 2 hours, it was scary!!!

We have many one way streets here in my small town in kansas. I live in between the 2 major ones. One goes one way east the other one way west. A day doesn't go by that I don't see one 'tard that doesn't realize that he is on a one way street. Moron's!

BarnGoddess said...

haha that was good!