Random Stuff ...

I pick up a young-ish couple heading home after drinking. I picked them up at the Roxie - local greasy spoon open all night downtown. Basically the only open restaurant in downtown, or close to it. They're all decked out in their leather and whips gear. Hair is several different colors. Laughing and joking with me while reading the paper.

He: Hey driver? What do you suppose a 'hay fluffer' is? There's one for sale in the Thrifties.

Me: I'm guessin' that's the woman that has to blow the donkey for the farm porn.

They were awful quiet back there, I looked up and they're both looking at me with an almost horrified expression.

Me: Sorry. shrug

This is where my mind goes. Good thing I'm a cab driver 'cuz I don't think anyone else would have me. :o)


Paradise Driver said...

LOL! You outshocked the shockers.

Most people don't even know what a "fluffer" is.

Dave2 said...

Now... my first guess would have been a device that aerates moistened hay or something... obviously, I am leading waaaayyy too sheltered a life here... :-D

Tragerstreit said...

Bwaha! I love your mind.

Vinylfreak said...



eris said...

That joke alone would have added to the tip I would already be planning if I was riding with you. Awesome.