Thank you ALL.

For letting me vent.

I have always tried to keep this blog fairly factual - not too much in the way of "emotions" from my end, and for the most part, I usually try to keep the things that I feel ya'll don't want to read out of my blog. Being a woman cab driver I get a lot of shit. A LOT. And I'm sure ya'll have figured out that a high percentage of what happens in my cab is brought on by my own personality and/or comments, but I like to think that most of what I pop off about is *harmless*. For the most part I get to cruise thru my job dealing with the drunks and the other assorted idiots, felons, hookers and the nice, 'normal' people without having any of it really affect - or involve - me. But occasionally real life does intrude. As long as I can continue to feel that the ratio of nicer to scary people is in my favor I will keep doing this. Hopefully I can help out a few people on the way.

In my cab I have to be - while not necessarily emotionless - not vulnerable. It's a tough line to tow as 99% of the people in my car are complete strangers, but I love doing this job. Look at all the fun stories I have here. :o) And while I'm not a charitable person, I do believe in doing what you can to help out others, if I feel they're being sincere. Sadly, the longer I do this, the harder it is to get past my bullshit meter. I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

So there we have more than ya'll EVER wanted to know about being a cab driver. :o) I truly appreciate the nice things ya'll said, just keep in mind, I'm not *that* nice. heh.

Back to our regularly scheduled program soon ... Gawd bless TiVo and The Braves!!! (just for you Kev!)


Anonymous said...

yes you are nice! dont believe ya for a second.. ;) and you are charitable.. in spirit as is most important.. dont need to be made a fool out of to be charitable.

Anonymous said...

yes you are charitable and nice. i could not believe that story about the guy you and your boyfriend found and you said to his sister, that if you were alone you'd probably would not have gotten out of your car, you would have just called the cops and she called you all the names under the sun. hello what planet is she on. that's just common sense in this day and age. doesn't mean you weren't nice enough to be concerned and call for help. stupid ppl really. You did the right thing/would have done the right thing if you were alone. Kindness is it's own reward. take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh you're sweet and salty, just like me...which is why I wish that I effing lived closer.

BTW, you are my new blog of the week, yay!

Donna said...

You know, you can be nice without being a total saint.

kapgar said...



Anonymous said...

You make my day just about every day ^_^ the good and the bad, I love to hear it all. Life at it's most interesting. Keep up the good work, and don't change for anything in the world~

Ja ne~ x hugs

Anonymous said...

Chick cab driver: you have just about the BEST blog on the web right now. Thank you for writing.