Technically not a cab story ...

But funny (to me) nonetheless.

I was in the parking lot of my apt complex heading off to work w/my bf when this little puppy comes running up to me with her leash still attached. I've petted her many times, she belongs to an older lady that lives here that basically just walks around and talks to everyone, including the dog. The dog is a blond pomeranian. The lady is VERY talkative, if ya know the type.

Anyway, I stood there for a moment and she came wandering around the side of the bldg to fetch her dog. We stood there and talked for a sec and I noticed the dog has what looks to be ... bruises around her eyes so I asked about it.

She: Oh, she has make up on.

Me: blink Uhhhm ... Oh.

She: She asks for it. I just stared at her for a second. No really. Every time I put on my make up she jumps up on my lap and closes her eyes. She likes it.

Me: Ah. Ok. Well, I gotta go to work. etc.

I get in my truck and bf just started laughing. I'm still in shock. OK. Well, off to work.

We get to base and while we're there getting ready to work one of the few other women cabbies we have (day driver, I'm the only one that works nights) comes walking out of the office wearing high heels and a skirt.

Me: to bf Is THAT what I'm supposed to dress like driving a cab?

Bf: Wow. Apparently they have a different dress code on days.

Me: Pssht. I'll never make it ... hell, the DOG wears more make up than I do.


Tracy Lynn said...

Dude. *shakes head laughing*

Contrary said...

I'm a dog groomer and used to work in a shop with a woman who would bring her two poodles to work with her everyday.

Every time she freshened her lipstick, her dogs would run over so she could put some on them.

And she was high maintenance, so this happened several times a day.

Wow, that seems even weirder all typed out like that.

Karl said...

Bwahahahahahaha! And I thought people that dressed their dogs in little outfits were bad.

The Chad said...

at least she didn't carry the dog in her purse.

Wavemancali said...

I used to work in a pet store in my youth where people would buy the dog sweaters and the little booties, but this just cracked me up.