A coupla shorts ...

1) I got my Vertigo Lady again a few nights ago, this time going from the hospital to her home. Apparently she has hooked up with Med Transport now. They won't allow her to go the 'long way' home so she HAS to take a bridge. We took the Broadway since she convinced them she couldn't do the Fremont (altho, the Bdwy is closer anyway). The whole time across she was making these little whiny, puppy dog noises. When we made it across I asked her if she was all right.

She: I'm fine honey. Thank you for asking. You're a good soul. You must be a Christian, I felt God was looking out for us. I'm wondering if I can request you every time I need to go to/from the hospital.

Me: Aw, thank you. But no, you cannot request me. We aren't allowed to 'personalize' account calls. And as far as God looking out for us, and me being a Christian, I gotta tell ya, I'm a heathen. I've seen too much ugly, I don't believe there is a God. I'm sure he was looking out for you though, 'cuz otherwise I'm sure he'da just let me drive right off the bridge. :o)

She was pretty quiet for a few moments.

She: Well honey, I believe that God believes in you. And he can't be someplace where there isn't a good heart. He's there honey, and he's looking out for you. I'll pray for you when I get home.

Me: Well, I certainly appreciate that. I need all the help I can get.

2) Last Sat night I had to pick up a fella in Gresham (Way outer SE) and take him up to La Center, WA to the closest casino. (It's only 16 miles N of W Ptld, we get a lotta runs up there.) It costs about $70 on the meter to get him there and he gives me an even $100. We chat on the way up about all kinds of things. (he's drunk, and I'm fairly verbose) One of those things being how he's going to get back to Ptld. When we get there he does a very small amount of talking and convinces me that I should go in the casino for just a few minutes. If I'm still around he'll have me take him home.

I turned his hundred into almost 400 playing 21. He's a poker player. He wasn't ready to go by the time I was so I left him there. Profitable night.

3) I picked up these 3 younger kids from inner SE and take them downtown to PSU. All middle eastern of some sort, 2 boys, 1 girl. 1 of the young fellas is obviously the ringleader, the other fella apparently speaks no English as all, and the girl apparently doesn't speak their language as the ringleader is chatting away at both of them in the appropriate languages.

RL and the other guy are yukkin' it up about something when he turns to the girl and says in English "Habib (I didn't catch his name) wants to know whether you are going to pull your skirt up all the way or just take it off. Why are you showing that much thigh in public anyway? Do you want everyone to think you're easy? What would your father have to say about this? I think I might have to tell him. You know I took pictures earlier."

She just sat back there and cried.

Man, different cultures I guess.

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The Chad said...

a guy actually took a cab to La Center? Damn.