Taxicab Confessions

On average I'm asked about this TV show approximately 50% of my rides. Granted, the higher percentage is from the drunk boys, but a few times I've been asked by folks that I would not expect to even know what the show is, much less ask about it. (For the record, I've seen it 3X. Hasn't impressed me enough to watch again.)

So, on this subject, here are my 2 favorite responses the the drunks that ask about it:

1) Yes, I've seen it. Why? Is the seat still wet?

This usually gets me at least one nasty groan per person.

2) No, you're not on Taxicab Confessions, but I tell you, if ya'll wanna do something freaky in the backseat I'll give ya 5% of the DVD rights.

This one I usually reserve for when there are at least 2 fellas in the backseat that are *apparently* heterosexual. (I've learned to be very picky when saying this to those that appear homosexual because a large percentage tend to surprise me with actually doing something freaky :o)


Paradise Driver said...

Has anyone ever had a memorable "come-back" to either of your throwaways.

I had these two responses almost instantly:

1. "Yeah. Who were you with back here?"

2. "Freaky!? You don't even know the definition of Freaky, sweetheart. Y'all come back here and let me teach you."

Admittedly, not great but definately fast.

Miss Britt said...

And you sneaky fucks NEVER call back with the 5% either.


Michelle said...

Mizz Britt: That's generally because ya know we can blackmail you for that 5%. :o*