"Oh, and Powell's, you GOTTA go to Powell's"

I picked up this fairly good looking, youngish fella from The Hilton where he's camped out for the week while he's contemplating moving here with a job offer. (I got this on the drive to our destination) He's dressed pretty nice, hot suit, sexy tie and on his way to Higgins for dinner (which is actually only about 4 blocks away ... job security I suppose.) He's going there because he heard it's one of the two 5 star restaurants we have in town. (Dude likes to flaunt his money)

So he asks me what sights he should see while he's here, hot bars, etc.

Me: I start rattling off some of the better sights of Ptld and then ... Oh, and Powell's. You GOTTA go to Powell's while you're here."

He: What's Powell's?

Me: Only the biggest and best independent new and used book store in this country. 4 lovely floors of book bliss. If you're into reading, at all, it's the place to go.

He: I've only read like, one book in my entire life.

Me: .................... <----- this is me, speechless. You're kidding me, right? Please God, tell me you're kidding me.

He: Nope. Not kidding. I've never seen the point.

Me: But ... but ... but ... still speechless

He: Don't bother. Just about every girlfriend I've ever had has left me when they found out about this. I guess it's just a woman thing. Thanks for the ride.

And he got out. I'm still shaking my head over this guy.

Completely Unrelated Aside: (<---- Stolen from Kevin!!) This is my 100th Blog Post. Yay me!! :o)


Sizzle said...

what kind of. . .oh forget it. i mean but, how does he get BY in the world!?

i would have a really hard time dating someone who didn't read books even if he was filthy stinking rich.

Jessie said...

My husband was the same way till I introduced him to Chuck Palahniuk. Im sure you know him...or maybe know of him, since youre in Portland.

Jenn L said...

Unfortunately I've known enough guys who don't read recreationally to be completely unsurprised.

And you just earned yourself a visit someday!!! Powells is Mecca....

P.S. Love love love the header pic!!!!

whall said...

Congrats on your century!

David said...

CONGRATULATIONS to one of my most favorite bloggers!

Every time I go to Powells, I have to restrain myself before I spend every cent I have. Good thing I only get to Portland once or twice a year. :-)

Tragerstreit said...

Yay for 100 posts!

..If that guy moves here, he's going to have to learn to like books. Cause that's all we Portlanders do. Drink coffee, drink beer, listen to local music, hike, and read books. He's in for some VERY boring rainy days otherwise.

Wavemancali said...

Gratz on 100 I know how hard it is.

I can't fathom only reading only 1 book. Did you at least ask him what the book was? I would have been insanely curious.

Mel said...

Waveman - Ooh, ooh, I know, I know!

"See Jane run. Run, Jane, run!"


Congrats on your 100th, M!