Random comments that horrify people ...

Wandering about w/a couple from outta town late at night. We were getting close to the address they were looking for so I was driving slowly looking and not really paying attention to what they were saying. We had been yucking it up the whole way from the airport ...

She: Oh wow ... I can't believe people actually say that kind of stuff!

Me: Oh, you know, throw some alcohol in the mix and people will say anything.

She: So, how would you describe your job?

Me: looking ... Ummmm cross between a baby sitter and looking human trafficker.

That one's going on my business card. :)

And here's an old one that I find amusing that I'm gonna recycle for your amusement:

Young friendly couple in my cab looking through the want ads looking at the help wanted section.

He: What do you suppose that is?

She: I don't know. Hey driver, what do you think a "hay fluffer" is?

Me: Someone that blows the donkey for the animal porn. :)

PSA: I'm taking the "reactions" part of my comments off the blog. Sorry if that bothers anyone but I prefer to read comments/reactions rather than just see how many people clicked "funny" or whatever.


Dave2 said...

I'd definitely click "funny" for this one...

Ry said...

Ahh Trixie... you so rock.. would be worht a drive to Portland to ride in your cab! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Good call, Trixie! Your blog is WELL worth the time it takes to write a comment :)

Thank you once again for sharing the gab from your cab <3

I love this blog.