"I bet you just looooove Yanni now huh?"

Picked up this younger-ish couple (25 +/-) wandering about in inner NW Ptld. They flagged me down and hopped in. They'd gotten lost and gave me directions on how to get where they were going on the other side of downtown "... just near the Marriott on Naito."

We're off. They're from Corvallis - a backwater town about 2 hrs southeast of here where OSU is - and they're laughing about someone saying something about them being husband/wife.

She: I don't understand why everyone assumes we're either husband and wife or brother and sister. Can't a man and woman just be friends?

Me: I thought they were mutually exclusive if you're from Corvallis ... husband/wife ... brother/sister ... :)

He: I can see that. We're not actually from there, we just moved there.

So we make s'more fun of the town and guy asked me about the game I was listening to on the radio ...

Me: Mariners and Texas Rangers. It's pretty much the only thing you can find on the radio for sports around here.

She: I can't listen to sports on the radio. It's so boring.

He: Baseball isn't so bad. At least you can follow it.

Me: It's not like watching golf. And it certainly beats the hell outta soccer! Holy Baby Jesus I tried, I reaaaallly tried to listen to the game last night but man I gotta say it was like going to a Yanni concert ... beYOND boring.

We all laughed and chatted s'more.

I got 'em to where they were going - The Keller Auditorium.

Me: So, what's going on here tonight?

He: We're going to a Yanni concert.

Me: HA! That's funny. :)

He: I'm serious.

I looked up at the marquis ... holy SHIT! He wasn't kidding.

Me: Oh holy shit. I am SO sorry. I mean ... I just ... ah hell.

He: I bet you feel bad now huh?

Me: Well. Not really. I mean, not "bad" but I am sorry. But honestly ... it's Yanni ... I just can't ... pssht. I'll just shut up now.

He: I bet you just looooove Yanni now huh?

Me: Oh hell no. But I can say I'm sorry again if that matters. I mean, shit. Customer service yanno? How could I know I'd get the only 2 Yanni fans on this side of the country in my cab when I spout off about how boring I find his music to be. shrug Sorry.

They didn't say much else and got out pretty quickly.

Yup. Sometimes it goes deeper than the foot in the mouth. :)


Ry said...

Trixie, yes, sometimes less is more and I have put my foot in it more than once! I hear ya!

now where is my Yanni cd???


Shane K. said...

Haha my favorite part of the story is how you didn't back down and still reiterated that he's boring :)

Well done!

Dave2 said...

But what kind of tip did you get? :-)

Trixie said...

$7/ride. $3/tip. Better than I would have thought. :)

Father Luke said...

Murphy dispatches cabs. Who'da thunk it?

Hilarious story, Trixie.

Anonymous said...

i love your blog so much, plz keep it up :) and PS. there are probably a LOT of freakin' yanni fans in the pdx area...no one's big on excitement here haha although the yanni concert was probably the most action they'll see this year!

Anonymous said...
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